Saturday, September 30, 2006

The Spice of Life...

I've talked about it before...I love scrapping recipes. My very first scrapbook classes I taught were called "Table Scraps: a series on cookbook scrapbooks". At the time {2001} that was a little out of the box - the only class that ever filled {and, man did it fill} was my "Chocolate Crop".

Well, here's the latest spin on creating a personal recipe treasury. You can theme this so many ways - family favorites, your cooking secrets to pass along to our children or loved ones, a "what to cook when he gets sick" for your daughter-in-law {these are a must for brides} - I'm even going to do a graduation version with how to boil water in the microwave, 20 variations for Ramen & phone numbers to all the local pizza places. This format would be a great as a Christmas gift - throw in a few vintage photos of whoever the recipes were handed down from and voila!

This is another upcoming class premiering at ScrapBook BootCamp. That's it - four is plenty! The base of this album is constructed from envelopes, so each panel can hold recipe cards tucked in the back. The strap on this just came to me while I was working on simple to make, but so good looking & practical. Yes, the closure is a paper clip. You know me - peppy & cheap.

Hope you enjoy these pics - I have two more classes and some make & takes to design tomorrow so check back; I'll post more samples. I'll be kicking into the holiday mode since I'm doing some Christmas events {all new classes and make & takes} at stores around Texas starting in November. Check my calendar - I'd love to see you there!

Fashion Statement..

Here are a couple of pics of a new project for a 90 minute class I'm teaching called Fashion Statement {I'll be teaching it for the first time at ScrapBook BootCamp}. It's a sassy little friendship accordion album complete with a fun belt to keep it together.

The journaling tag on the back is one of my favorite touches. I just love these little journaling cards and pieces...but never seem to be able to find them. So for this class we're going to make our own. The inner pages are really cute, I just couldn't get the lighting come take the class& check it out!

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Smiley Faces to make you smiley today...

dare I say Zelig-esque? anybody know what I'm talking about?
I warned you I was obscure...

Playing favorites...

OK, I'm playing favorites...I just LOVE this. You know you've picked the perfect colors when TARGET comes out with the matching dishes a day after you release your paper designs.

I want to hear what YOU think...heck, Ginger does too! So comment here to let us know what you think about this yummy new stuff!!!!!

A timely release...

A timely release...
Originally uploaded by emilykhadams.
If you've taken my TrendWatcher class or are used to my ramblings, you know I'm all about increasing everyone's visual literacy. Simply put, that means opening your eyes to recognize emerging trends and color combinations already occurring all around you to give you a better understanding of design. Trends in interior design are always echoed in paper arts and I pulled together a few visuals to illustrate what visual literacy is about.

Ginger, the designer of Gin-X, is my friend and one of the more naturally visually literate I've met. I saw her sneak peeks of her new lines and was inspired to make a visual literacy reference for each so you can see them the way I do...Ginger these are a HOME RUN!!! you go girl...

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Coasters, coca cola and the psychotic sing-a-long...

I'm probably delirious at this point...I feel like I've been up FOREVER. I have a ridiculous number of deadlines on top of me {I'm not complaining - I just need more hours in the day!}. I got up around 6ish this morning & started on emails & coasters. Went into the office...scanned for hours {50+ journal pages for an upcoming CKU home study class}. Had to dig up press stuff for my portfolio. Oh yeah, I had to make a portfolio {surprisingly time consuming}. Somewhere in there I did come home, cook {real food - my Caribbean Jerk Jambalaya} & clean my scrapbook room. I finished my portfolio then went back to coasters. I don't think I've spilled any details yet but one of the multiple classes I'm filming for CKU Home Study - it will be a mega-technique class with 20 ways to alter coasters. I did all the coasters except maybe 3 today...but I'm too zonked to use a heat tool now & I know it. Other than the housewives on Sunday, I haven't caught any new shows. I listened to about half of the series on TV Land called Generation Boom {a 4 part documentary on what makes baby boomers tick}. I was actually kind of disappointed with tonight - but I've been reading generational studies lately, so it wasn't bad, it was just material I already knew. However, it did get me in the mood to pop in an AWESOME movie to work to - JAWS {one of my favs - they were talking about boomer pop culture & movies came up}. I'm going to watch the other nights of the show since they're all on different topics. So now I've sucked down a couple of fully leaded cokes & I'm just sitting here exhausted, bug-eyed at the computer having some kind of psycho sing-a-long with youtube. I've listened to and sang along with KT Tunstall's version of I Want You Back about, gee, maybe 20-25 times in a row??? I do it without thinking when I'm working on sample stuff. As a matter of fact, I'm listening again & singing now. I should stop singing & blogging and go get some sleep!

Post-script - the morning after...I just went back & cleaned up my typos in the psycho babble...Last night when I went to post this blogger was doing maintenance so I really thought this post was wiped out. Right after I wrote it I went to take out my contacts & put on my glasses and my frames disintegrated in my hands...the metal just finally snapped - so new glasses are in my future {damn}.

Monday, September 25, 2006

I love a good scary movie...

I just love old school scary movies - none of this "the ring", or things coming out of the washing machine - I mean jaws, poltergeist, the shining, Blair Witch, Steven King-extravaganza! Well, I was on youtube, uploading the clip from Jake's birthday party and I saw this in the sidebar...this has got to be the best youtube I've seen in a while! It totally puts me in the mood for Halloween. So go check it out...if you dare!
The Life & Death of a Pumpkin

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Not my "typical television"...BUT

Only 60 short minutes away from...a whole new season of fabulous trash. If you know me, you'll know this isn't usually "my type" of television...but there's just enough of a Twin Peaks-esque twist to it that I'm totally hooked. So is Matt {so never a remote battle here -although he might just be hooked on the boobage, but I'm not nit-picking a battle over that since it guarantees my show will always be on}.

So here's a link to the "Which Housewife Are You?" Quiz...

I took it & I'm Lynette...
"You gave up a good job for this? No one really appreciates you, and yet you slog on, with very little sleep and very little thanks. Who can blame you if you occaisionally lose it? Hang in there. Just lay off the Ritalin." {pretty scary accurate - sub "excedrine" for "ritalin" and there I am}.

So who are you? I'd love to know. Just take the quiz and copy the fun reason as a comment. I'm off to get my "trash on"...

Another day, another birthday party...

We ended up at Peter Piper Pizza for Jake's seventh birthday today. It was crazy when we got there, SEVEN busses full of kids from a church group were there - but then they left within the first 20 minutes of the party, so it was relatively low key after that. They're getting so grown. The boys at the party were HILARIOUS. I shot a short video of Jake opening a present because they were getting so excited...BTW, great cake. They ordered chocolate, but when they cut into it it was white cake with whole strawberries suspended in it {wow}.

I know...I should stop wrapping presents with my scrapbook supplies - but they turn out so cute when I do! This was wrapped with the Party On line by Gin-X. The kids called it the "midget present". Um, that was pretty funny. Jake thought it was either a ring or army men - creative. It was actually a gift card to Target in a bracelet box.

It's in the Bag...

Here's another 1 hour class for bootcamp. I call it It's in the Bag - since it's constructed from a base of paper bags. I'm keeping it simple since it's only an hour class, but I love the look of the Chartreuse Dream papers & coasters and the sponged acrylic paint. Everybody can pick their own title - I just added the "everyday blessings" to show off the cool label coaster.

I sorted out all my silk flowers this morning & paired up the layered fowers with a mini brad on small squares of cardstock...I knew I had a lot of these little flowers...but I had 92?!?!? {46 sets} I mean, that's fantastic for class purposes, but what on earth was I doing with 92 of these? I guess I keep buying the flowers I like {over & over again}.

The photo's OK, but I still don't think it does the colors justice. The butterscotch paint on this baby is just rich. The colors are: sunrise blush, cloudy gray, misty white, orange twilight & golden sunset.

Saturday, September 23, 2006

All Star...

Here's another project I finished today...This is the star album we'll be making in my one hour class {All Star} at Scrapbook BootCamp. Speaking of BootCamp - it's just been opened up as individual classes {instead of having to pay for the whole weekend}! She's priced the whole event at bargain prices too - only $13 for this mini album class (!!!!!!!!!) - so if you're in the St. Louis area YOU CAN'T AFFORD TO MISS IT! I'll be teaching four different classes there - two 1 1/2 hour classes ($18 each) and two 1 hour classes ($13 each), which is WAY below my normal, but the bootcamp director sets the prices, so all the better for you guys! Hope to see you there...

Scrapping Shelley...

This is Shelley...all the members on the IP design team had to scrap each other & I got Shelley. I was lucky enough to get to know her in Chicago at CHA this summer - she's super sweet. I spent more time than usual on this layout, but I really put a lot of thought into all the elements I wanted to add. It felt really good to scrap again! I also am finishing up some new class samples...I'll post as I work my way through them.

Kicking off the birthday party weekend...

I have two birthday parties this weekend - when it rains it pours. Last night was a small gathering for Gracie's first birthday. Ashley's kids are sooo cute. I didn't take many pictures {they just got a rebel & were taking plenty}, but I did catch our niece Haley carrying around the birthday girl and a snap of Gracie & her cake. I've known Ashley since she was 15. We were lunch buddies in high school but didn't know eachother outside of school. Her very best friend since grade school was Tracy Adams - you see where this is going...I married Tracy's little brother. So basically our families are pretty connected. I love her kids like they were related.

Our other birthday party is tomorrow - more virtual family. My best friend from college, Angie's youngest is turning 7. We're heading over to Peter Piper Pizza (oh boy) on Sunday. Both of her boys are like nephews to us. Angie was supposed to be the matron of honor in my wedding, but due to "poor planning" on her part {chuckle}, her due date was on my wedding day. She delivered a few days early, but didn't make the trip to Dallas to be in the wedding {although, I must give her credit...she actually called me and told me she was pricing Southwest tickets to see if she could limp up here, leaving the baby at home just days after her delivery - she didn't of course. But saying she was even considering it was sweet.} So now when we look at Jake, we know how long we've been married. our actual anniversary will be a week from Monday on October 2.

Friday, September 22, 2006

Couch Crasher...

Look who landed on our couch last night...Matt's dad is in from New Braunfels for a few days. Sorry for the "night vision" picture I didn't realize my flash was off...I had to shoot quick - they gave me a really hard time for 11 PM picture taking...

Speaking of a hard time...Matt had to watch 48 Hours and Texas SWAT last night, which would have been fine except they were on opposite of Grey's Anatomy & ER. We had the ultimate battle royale for the remote and I lost. I. Lost. Normally I would just move to another room to watch it, but I was doing some work on the computer & didn't feel like packing up & moving. So I missed them. both. The few times he got up I saw {well, the commercials on during GA} Abby going into early labor, Luka breaking the mirror & who-sit nurse {Luka's ex} as a kidnap victim, being raped & shooting her exhusband/ - I NEED MORE PLOT THAN THAT. Anyway, Matt told me I could "tell the world that (he's) a terrible husband, because he didn't 'let' me watch the premier of Grey's Anatomy". Yep. um-hum. I agree.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Sick as a dog...

Well, it's officially allergy season in the Adams household {link to the pollen count}. Usually Matt starts sniffling in late August leading up to a full blown allergy melt down by Labor Day weekend - which culminates in the sickest & most miserable he could possibly be by October 2nd (our wedding anniversary). With the milder weather this year (we went from solid 100+ days to "normal people" weather almost overnight) nothing has really hit yet. UNTIL TODAY. Poor thing. I'm super glad he dragged himself to the doctor after work, usually we have to go a few rounds before he actually goes in for medicine. He's snorking and dripping and sounds totally awful - it's actually pretty sad. He's on steroids, allergy meds & a prescription nasal spray...he can't taste or breathe and it's hard to even understand him. I feel really bad for him. Sometimes my allergies flare up in the spring (around my birthday) - but never like this.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

A weekend to remember...

What a weekend!!! Just got back and woke up from the post-CKU Houston nap. This had to be one of the most emotional, energetic & fun events I've attended in a long time. A HUGE thank you & hello to all my students there.

It was a little surreal...the end of an era. A chapter in my life closed this weekend and a new one is about to begin. Magic Scraps started sponsoring CKUs in San Antonio, 2002 - their very first event on the road. I joined the company days after that event and taught in Anaheim 2002 (our first CKU classes) and have created every and taught (*almost) every CKU class since - Paula Kramer did the math for me - that's over 30 CKU's in a row!!!!! It was touching - beginning and ending our CKU experience in our home state. So many of you have followed Magic Scraps from the beginning, even shopped at Ashley's first scrapbook store in Dallas, Scrappy's. I saw so many familiar faces of former students and made so many new friends. I'm a softie and teared up all weekend. I just want to take this opportunity to say THANK YOU ASHLEY for giving me the opportunity to be involved ith your innovative company from the ground up. THANK YOU CKU for your tireless work and amazing events, your support and for the friendships I have built not only with your team but with other teachers through your events. And THANK YOU STUDENTS - all of you over the years. Your support has been amazing - you never cease to inspire me. Now that my teaching commitment to Magic Scraps has drawn to a close, I want to let you know that I have every intention of staying in the industry and continuing to teach. It is my passion. Please sign up for my newsletter & I'll keep you posted on my plans. pictured: our official fabulous TA, Ashley, Nicole, me, our other official fabulous TA, and Kim.

* I did miss a few events due to my health, but Kate & Ashley always did a great job of stepping up and teaching my classes when I was unable to attend.

Whew...still a little teary-eyed. I had wonderful help this weekend. I have a dear stepbrother that lives in Houston with his family. I love them all and enjoy spending time with them, but we don't see eachother very often. That's going to change. I've recommitted to making time to take off with Matt for a fun trip to Houston as soon as my life settles down. Kim - what can I say? I love you so much - I forget how much fun you are! We need to do more together! We all had dinner at The Cheesecake Factory - there we are: me, Greg, Kim, Doug (5th grade), Nicole (7th grade) & Andrew (2nd grade). Kim & Nicole are both scrapbookers and spent the days TA'ing for me - and were a tremendous help THANK YOU.

OK - we had way too much fun...Nicole and I demonstrated how a 2-fold fastener works by becoming the human fastener. See it? I'm the prongs with the two arms sticking up - she's the bracket {which she enthusiastically plopped on my head} - then my arms would fold over her arms and I'd slide my hands through the get the idea. Why the flowers you ask?? Because we were teaching a class called Tropical Paradise....

She also was my lucky charm and drew for all the prizes I gave out. The first class she was pretty quiet, but by the afternoon, she was rockin' on the microphone! BTW, excuse me, I forgot, now that she's twelve, she'd like to be called Nikki. like, um...yes ma'am. pardon moi. Isn't she darling? Boys - your Aunt Emily loves you dearly too, I'm not intentionally leaving you out - It's just that I worked your sister so hard...I had to brag on her.

What else? Ashley & I also hung out with the amazing Debby Schuh and Andria & her crew from Reminisce - had dinner at The Grand Lux. And the last night we went out for fajitas & margaritas with Tracy White, one of my favorite people. Tracy - why didn't we take a picture??? What were we thinking?? How many rounds did we have? :)

Anyhow good to see you all...thank you for a weekend that I will always remember! If you've ever taken a class from me, I'd love to hear from you - please pop on this thread & say hello...

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Scrapscene today...

ScrapScene has featured me in their Designer Spotlight! I'm pretty excited about it...please go check it out. Scrapscene, thank you so much for choosing to highlight me & my work!!!

I've been tagged...

I got tagged by BonnieRose yesterday:

4 Things about Me... Things you may not have know about me...and you may not have even wondered...

Four jobs I have had in my life...
1) Retail, Marshall's
2) Waitress, Applebee's
3) Sales Rep, Leff Bros. (baby stuff)
4) Bank Teller

Four movies I've watched over & over...
1) The Fifth Element
2) She Devil
3) Prizoner of Azkaban
4) both Bridget Jones movies

Four places I have lived...
1) Dallas
2) Denton
3) elsewhere in Dallas
4) Richardson...all in Texas in the DFW area

Four tv shows I like to watch...
1) the 4400
2) Desperate Housewives
3) Eureka
4) Project Runway

Four places I have been on vacation...
1) San Antonio, TX
2) Gaitlinburg, TN
3) London, UK
4) Galveston, TX

Four blogs/web-sites I visit lately....
1) designsponge
2) Slave to Target
3) IP Blog
4) YouTube

Four of my favorite foods...
1) Fresh salsa
2) Fried jalapenos
3) chicken cacciatore
4) beef fajitas

Four places I'd rather be right now...
1) 6 months from now with a settled life
2) 24 hours from now with all my laundry done & packed
3) back in bed
4) about to spend the day having fun, not going to work

Four people I will tag...
1) Kandice
2) Ashley
3) Debby
4) Ginger

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

It's been a blur...

Lately I've been all over my blog, now this...a break from blogging. Saturday I got "my sweatshop" into the office to pack hundreds of class kits for CKU Houston {my sweatshop = Matt, my Aunt Carol, and my cousins Amy & Meg}. Over 750 lbs of stuff & 8 hours of packing!!!! Ooof! After that it was just collapse on the couch and sleep {by 9:30}.

Sunday was not how I planned it...I overslept sooooo much - I didn't wake up until 11:30! Matt picked up an extra shift so he was working all day. I did the grocery store, had lunch, wrapped a present for Kate and headed out. I picked up my sister-in-law Tracy & my nieces and we went to Kate's housewarming. She has such a cute new home {can a house be cute?}. Gracie took her first steps at Kate's party!!! We caught it on video - check Ashley's blog for the footage, it should be posted soon! Side note: found a new favorite pasta sauce - served it with grilled basil & garlic chicken & penne.

I couldn't face posting on September 11th. Such a sad day. So many memories.
and here we are...

it's Tuesday.
hello again...

Friday, September 08, 2006


Oopsie...went to hit "ENTER" with my winner list & my wireless hic-cupped, so we're back now...

Oh my goodness. The response was OVERWHELMING... In the last three days I've had over 1,000 visitors to my blog and over 400 sign-ups for my newsletter. wow. wow.
thank you.
I am blown away.

OK - so I'm so excited, I dug deep and picked TEN winners instead of FIVE!!!!!

The lucky devils are: Kim F, Melissa A, Lisa V, Amy B, Donna M, Dawn G, "Tiny", Kellie B, Courtney W & Beverly G!!!

If you won please email me if you haven't recieved my email yet. Thanks again to all of you who joined my mailing list, my newsletters will start rolling soon...I will be running more giveaways based on the list so stay tuned! Viva la 2Peas!!! Thanks again!

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Shake it up RAK...

directions pic
Originally uploaded by emilykhadams.
Hello....I know you're out there...I miss hearing from everybody - a few weeks ago it was a regular comment festival on here! So I decided to SHAKE IT UP and do another one of my giveaway blowouts!!!!!!

See this kit? It could be yours {just add brown ink, a label maker & arrows} and you have all the makings of this retro 12-tag travel album. I have several left over kits from my recently retired CKU-Album class, Directions. Tag by tag color instructions & included - over $25 value - 20 sheets of 12 x 12 patterned paper included.

I will draw email addresses from my mailing list for my upcoming EmilyAdamsOnFire newsletter. I will be choosing 5 lucky winners for this RAK.

Here's the rules:
1. Sign up for my email list. To do that click on the newsletter link in my sidebar {see the flames?}. It will open to an email to "thelist". Just type "JOIN" and hit send & consider yourself entered.
2. Signing up once will enter you in every drawing I'm going to do from now on...
3. I will draw winners FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 8 at 3PM {CST} and will email the winners & post them on my blog.

I will be doing lots more RAKs from the mailing list, so if you don't win this time, you're still elligible for future kits. I plan to start up the newsletter in late October/early November, but I'm hoping to get an initial email update to the group before then {private teaching schedule, etc}...with CKU Houston, Home Study, BootCamp and getting my website up & running I'm pretty much under water right now...

OK - go to it! Join up & say "hi" in the comments if you have a minute - I miss you...

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

What Can You Do With Gin-X?

I wanted to spread the word about the fabulous "What Can You Do with Gin-X?" contest. I'm a good friend of Ginger, Barb & Laura, and am also on Imagination Project's design team. I'm pulling the scoop from Ginger's & Barb's blogs:

It's not a "Design Team" call - they don't do those, but they would like to see the work of everyone and who knows - they might extend an invitation. There will be five categories that will be judged - there will be a panel of "experts" from our design team as well as some of other people in the industry to pick the winners.

Here are the five categories:
1) Most Unique Project
2) Coasters (Use them however you want)
3) Cotton Art Tape - We want to see how YOU would use it!
4) Use of Patterned Paper
5) Best Overall

There are FIVE LARGE prize packages to give out and the deadline is SEPTEMBER 30th! (Midnight EST) You'll need to e-mail your project/layout, etc. to with your name, any story behind your project, products used, and anything else you want us to know. You can mix Gin-X lines, you can use products from other manufacturers with your Gin-X, other IP product, etc. We do ask that entries are predominantly Gin-X. (By the way - if you check out our Imagination Project blog they'll be posting ongoing contests in the coming months.) If you have any questions, please feel free to e-mail Ginger or Barb with those, too. Also - you can enter as many times as you'd like! That's right - if you want to enter once you can. If you want to enter 900 times, you can! :)
They may ask if we can use your project for either our blog or newsletter. If you are asked, you will be compensated with a goodie box {whoohoo!!!}. They will ALWAYS ASK before using your projects, so rest assured that we're not going to use anything and not contact or compensate you.

They will keep them "secret" until the winners are posted. If you're having a hard time finding their products, visit their website at There is a list of local and online retailers who carry their stuff. Good luck & have fun!

My family & the newsletter business...

I come from a family of diverse eccentrics & I love them all! This is my immediate family...left to right: Aunt Carol, Matt, Amy {cousin, 17}, my Dad, Meg {cousin, 15}, Uncle Glen & my stepmom Sharon. We all went to the Casa Linda Cafeteria {down home cooking heaven} last night to celebrate the July & August family birthdays {I know...}. Everyone was gathering near the car to wait until it was unlocked so we wouldn't get caught in the rain. I had to take these shots - they were too priceless!!

Matt made it home from hunting - not sunburned, still breathing & in pretty good's really good to have him home.

I'm feeling very clever - remember back on August 12th when I had the impromptu signup for my future newsletter? I'm getting closer everyday - getting my website up & running is about a zillion times more work than I thought it would be {and that's with totally using & abusing my dad & Ben}. I have a whole new respect for IT guys. There's a link on the right to sign up. I'll be running some contests and drawings* from my newsletter signups to "officially" kickoff the registration this week - stay tuned. I see I'm in good company, Ali & Donna just started newsletter signups on their blogs as well.
*entering once will automatically qualify you for all the contests

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Weekend review...

Well, I'm kinda tired...Went over to my aunt & uncle's house after work Friday and had the most scrumptious multi-course several hour fondue extravaganza feast. Um, wow. Felt very indulgent. Then the girls & I stayed up to watch The Lord of the Rings {somehow, I've managed to never see the trilogy}. Apparently I'm developing an allergy to cats, so I popped a couple of Benadryl and our night of talking lasted about two sentences before I passed out.

Saturday morning got a cooking lesson from my Aunt Carol on how to make blueberry pancakes {and there was bacon and yummy coffee, OK, maybe I'm fixating on the food just a bit, but she really is an amazing cook}. Then we sat around and talked about playing bridge {the girls are learning}, but I insisted I had a lot of work to do and if I started playing cards I would never leave before lunch. Um, but I didn't leave either. Before we knew it it was lunch time and she was grilling hot dogs & burgers and we were all having lunch. Meg wanted to leave with me, but had cleaning responsibilities at home so she couldn't come. Well, I borrowed the DVDs & headed home and about an hour later Meg was dropped off on my doorstep with a bag, ready to spend the night at my house. I popped in The Two Towers thinking, well, one movie today won't blow my plans. Then when it ended, Meg dutifully popped in Return of the King and the next thing I know it's 10 PM and we haven't moved or eaten. Oops. So we dashed to Amigo's for "dinner" {chips & freshly made salsa} and drove down Greenville Avenue. I thought she'd get a kick out of seeing all the cool restaurants and clubs lit up at night & seeing all the people. I also had an ulterior motive, there's a late night drive-thru Krispy Kreme down there & we picked up donuts for breakfast.

We were back on the couch with our salsa, chips and donuts {she tells me this is part of why I'm a "cool cousin"}, watching a Style special on Pink {listen & vote for your favorite Pink song here} and episodes of How Do I Look? I woke up on the couch at 3 and stumbled to alarm. I woke up with a start at 9:30. Most days this would be OK, but Meg had a morning funeral to attend, so we flew out of the house to get her home {she made it, even had her hair done}.

Met Martha at Olive Garden at 11:30 for lunch...bless her heart. She had a headache earlier and got progressively worse through lunch. She ended up getting totally sick. I felt really bad for her. She went home to go to bed & I felt like I deserved a little nap. And here I am, four hours later...feeling like I've wasted my weekend...but, man I had some fun! Cropping tomorrow - we'll have a good crowd, but can hold more so sign up click here!

Friday, September 01, 2006

Wrapping inspiration...

meg present
Originally uploaded by emilykhadams.
Sometimes inspiration is born out of desperation...I needed to wrap Meg's extremely belated {like, July 12th} birthday present this morning. A while back I switched to all white wrapping paper, challenging myself to always stamp or paint whenever I needed to wrap. Well, this morning I was totally out of time, so I grabbed my newest Real Simple and flipped for the black & white ads. It took two full page ads to cover it, but I really liked the results. I tied it off with leftover red bias tape, some KI rub-ons & my confidential stamp {a personal favorite}. I bet you'll never guess what's inside...

Texan at heart...

cowboy hat
Originally uploaded by emilykhadams.
Every girl needs a sparkly cowboy hat...

Ella & the hats...

viking hat
Originally uploaded by emilykhadams.
Given up on blogger, once again! Posting these through my flikr account {I absolutely looooooove flikr!}

How cute is she???