Tuesday, September 05, 2006

My family & the newsletter business...

I come from a family of diverse eccentrics & I love them all! This is my immediate family...left to right: Aunt Carol, Matt, Amy {cousin, 17}, my Dad, Meg {cousin, 15}, Uncle Glen & my stepmom Sharon. We all went to the Casa Linda Cafeteria {down home cooking heaven} last night to celebrate the July & August family birthdays {I know...}. Everyone was gathering near the car to wait until it was unlocked so we wouldn't get caught in the rain. I had to take these shots - they were too priceless!!

Matt made it home from hunting - not sunburned, still breathing & in pretty good shape...it's really good to have him home.

I'm feeling very clever - remember back on August 12th when I had the impromptu signup for my future newsletter? I'm getting closer everyday - getting my website up & running is about a zillion times more work than I thought it would be {and that's with totally using & abusing my dad & Ben}. I have a whole new respect for IT guys. There's a link on the right to sign up. I'll be running some contests and drawings* from my newsletter signups to "officially" kickoff the registration this week - stay tuned. I see I'm in good company, Ali & Donna just started newsletter signups on their blogs as well.
*entering once will automatically qualify you for all the contests


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