Monday, July 30, 2007

Matt's gone postal...

We've made three etsy sales in two days and it has us all fired up over here. We have a lot of new stuff we want to add, but we want to sell through some more of our inventory before we we decided to run a little promotion just for my blog readers!

With any purchase from Matt & Meg's etsy shop we will throw in a set of four unique postal flair! You know the 1-inch campaign style buttons? He's making them up with some gorgeous old stamps from all over the world that I picked up in a thrift shop in Oxford. Each one is a one of a kind creation! Either keep them as pins or remove the wire backing and add a pop dot to adorn to your paper creations.

We have also lowered the price of all of the journals in the shop, so happy hunting! When you place your order in the comment section please type "Matt's gone postal!" to receive your bonus buttons. We will run the special through August 15th.

Friday, July 27, 2007

Life may resume now...

I have finished the Harry Potter book tonight. All of those who were waiting to talk to me officially have permission to call. I must reread them all and take notes or something. Unbelievably, gut-wrenchingly fantastic...didn't think I could make it through some parts, but I'm so glad I did.

Big weekend fun over on the Luxe Blog...

So, we just did a big "reveal" over on the Luxe Blog. Since the about the first day I've been there I have been working with our webmaster on launching an online store for Luxe. Since we're not "everywhere" yet we receive a lot of requests from people wanting to buy our papers, rubs, etc. There's still some maintenance to do on our end, but we have everything uploaded & ready to sell so we "opened our doors" at 2:30 this afternoon. Here is a direct link to our online store.

To throw a "grand opening" this weekend, I talked to the Luxe Girls and got several of them to create and donate original pieces to give away. At the end of business Monday {6 PM CST} we will pick four random winners from the shoppers who bought at our site this weekend. See the Luxe Blog for details about what we've created.

We'll be starting a new format for our blog posts next week and are going to kick that off with a fun game of Luxe Girl {and Boy} Trivia on Monday, so be sure to go check it out for even more chances to win!!!

Monday, July 23, 2007

Back to life, back to reality...

These greeted me when I came into the office this morning. What a wonderful way to come home from a show.

We all slept in this morning & dragged in around noon. There's always so much to do post-show. I made a spreadsheet of all the follow-ups I had to do based on the notes from my business cards, figured out an ad that's due tomorrow & cleaned up my desk.

I also had to get back in the "back at home" groove - talked to the family, sorted mail, paid bills, went grocery shopping, caught up some on the DVR, got Chinese food and - most importantly - bought the Harry Potter book. I plan to start tonight - that is, as soon as I find my cell phone charger for my nearly dead phone...

There was almost "an incident" on my flight. When we landed & were allowed to turn on our phones I heard a "lady" a few rows behind me say, "...yeah, yeah. I finished it on the plane and XXXXX died & so did..." I gasped, let out a little yell, rocketed around, flipped out & shot her the dirtiest look!!!!!! {If you haven't guessed she spilled the beans about one of the characters who died in the HP book - the little witch - no pun intended}.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

A tour of Luxe at CHA-S...

Take the video tour of the Luxe booth!

Friday, July 20, 2007

What a party!

For more great pictures visit the Luxe blog!

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Pre-preview Party...

Sorry for the day of silence. The internet connection at the hotel isn't "recognizing" my computer any more...we have to call someone, grumble, grumble - long story short, I pirated Jen's computer to post.

Yes, I rued the day I ever drank that much. I haven't been that sick from drinking since I was 18, and since it's 18 years later I calculate I can't have my next stupid drinking incedent until I'm 54. {although hopefully I learned something}. The pants thing and the smelling thing are still very funny and whenever it's quiet, one of us cracks up & says - you smell good or I'm wearing pants.

Our big awesome invitation-only preview party at Gibson's starts at 5 so I have to go. Just wanted to post an update!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Take 2/Day 2...

Well, we're back from downtown Chicago. I recommend Everest to everybody. We had the tasting menu and all opted for the wine courses to go with. If you know me you know my tolerance is about a half a drink.......with our fab-o dinner I had a cocktail and then seven different glasses of wine. You cannot imagine the state I'm in right now. So here are the highlights:
  • I learned "air parenthesis" from Kipps
  • we all said "tot-a-ree" a lot and for some reason it's really funny
  • and I know where my pants are. Do you? {long story}
OK, so the cab driver took us in circles getting there & stopped 6 times to ask for directions {which made for a decent tour of downtown Chicago}. Our driver on the way home missed our exit as well & had to turn around. But the GEM of the evening was after Kipps got off the elevator on his floor a couple of drunkity guys got on our elevator and one of them hit on Jen. "My don't you look sexy over there"...and then...I KID YOU NOT - he leaned in uncomfortably close and he sniffed her - hard. "you even smell good" - OK...yes, I started laughing. Poor Jen had this completely shocked look. He got off the elevator before we did and we rode in silence for a minute {if you don't count me chuckling} until she said..."did he SNIFF me?"...aaaah, these are the memories that trade shows are made of...I'm going to pass out now. I will update again tomorrow.

Another day in the Windy City...

Well, it's day 2 in Chicago. We headed out to Rosemont this morning to meet up with Kipps, the first member of our team to arrive. We checked in to the hotel & headed over to do our presentation for the Crafter's Home group. After that we changed into grungies & started setting up our booth. We set the walls and started some crate unpacking - then realized we set the walls in the wrong configuration and reset them. Then - crappity-crap - we were kicked out. Apparently official booth setup starts tomorrow - who knew? So tomorrow we will be ahead of the game.

Tonight we're going to dinner at Everest...yumm-o. Weather is about to roll in & Chicago is scheduled to have 2 solid days of thunderstoms. We are hoping for the best but are prepping for the worst - the rest of our team arrives tomorrow.

Blogging from Chicago...

Well, Jen & I arrived in Chicago yesterday and hit the ground running. We hosted a little Arty Party at Windy City Scrapbooking (their gorgeous crop room pictured below) & had a fab time. It is one of the best scrapbook stores I've been too - I love it's urban feel.

The other shot is out our window at the hotel (the W) overlooking Navy Pier. When we check out this morning we will head out to Rosemont & the convention center. It was nice to get one night in the city though.

After the Arty Party Jen & I had dinner with the one & only fabulous Jane Hasty at Uncle Julio's in downtown. It was a wonderful laugh riot/fajita festival - what a great way to end the day!

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Everything looks better in black...

As promised, here is another preview of some of the Luxe-urious work I've been doing. Seriously, I could use classic black to scrap everything!

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Time for rubs...

Today I'm over on the Luxe Blog debuting our new rub-on styles! I jazzed up this plain IKEA clock with some ordinary bling and our super-duper circle rubs!

Mr. Page 35...

Here's another Luxe layout I've done recently. It's with the Sarong line mixed with my favorite, classic black. Sarong is moss, brown & coral and really pretty, but I wanted to pull out just the green because it reminded me of Matt's eyes.
I love photo tinting with distress inks and cut'n'dry nibs & couldn't resist doing his eyes & shirt. Matt doesn't usually let me take his picture like this, so I had to take advantage of it & scrap it. I showed him a copy of our new catalog last night and you should have seen the look on his face when he saw this layout on page 35! He's such a smart alec - he told me that the catalog looked great, but it was too bad the pages were double sided since all the women will be cutting out his picture...........

Ex Boyfriend's Shirt...

I'm blogging all weekend over on the Luxe blog. Today is their upcoming line Ex-Boyfriend's Shirt. The papers are gorgeous, you'll have to hop over to the other blog to take a peek. This line cracks me up - here are their names:

The Mama's Boy
The One Who Got Away
The Bad Boy
The Starving Artist
The Nice Guy
The Class Clown
The One Who Stood Me Up

So, now you know the names, here are a couple that ended up on the cutting room floor...

The Bad Kisser
The One Who Never Grew Up
The Sports Freak
The Stalker
The One that Made Me Crazy
He Who Loved Himself
The One Who Didn't Get Me
The One Who Probably Liked Boys

What would you have come up with?

Friday, July 13, 2007

The Order of the Phoenix...

Hard to believe, but Matt & I both got off early today. I would say that hardly ever happens, but I think it would be more accurate to say that it has never happened. So we beat the crowds & caught the 4:20 showing of The Order of the Phoenix. If you haven't seen it I don't want to ruin it for you...but I think I can write it up & still be vague enough...

I had my heart set on Kathy Bates for Delores Umbridge, but I must say I was impressed. The scene with Trelawney made me cry. The flight sequences at night were too cool. Not enough Tonks. Can Fred & George get any cuter? GREAT casting on Luna. Wish it had more Neville. Flipping awesome wand battle!!! So - that's my opinion & if you're not a total muggle, you'll understand that.

Matt didn't think it was that great, but he stayed awake {for him a big deal} through the whole thing. My theory is that if he had ever stayed awake for movies 1-4 number five would've made a lot more sense.

My trinket box...

I've said I've been busy & the closer we get to the show, the more I can share what I've been up to. I covered this fab little paper-mache trinket box in with papers from our Classic Black collection and used a jotter on the lid. I added a few of our new rub-ons {sneak peek coming on the Luxe Blog on Sunday}. I absolutely adore Classic Black...

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Another day, another sneak peek...

Today I posted my absolute favorite new line from luxe over on the Luxe Blog. This is one of my layouts that I created with it. You must check it out!

Where have I been? Tis' the season - I've been breathing, eating & dreaming work. I've been so tired when I get home it's all I can do to force myself to walk for half an hour, cook dinner & go to sleep. I haven't even taken my computer out of the bag at home all week. I cringe to think of the email build up.

Good things - we got the catalog today. It's amazing...I've spent so many hours on it recently it's really nice to have a real copy in my hands. Forty-eight pages of papery-goodness. Would you like a sneak peek at the catalog before the rest of the world sees it? Just come out to Windy City Scrapbooks on Monday night and do our make & take and we'll let you see the catalog!

Another good thing. My office was painted today & I finally feel like I'm in "my space". It transformed from Dancing Green to Honeycomb, the exact same color as my studio at home. Now all I need is more furniture...

More goodness - Matt's been "released" from physical therapy is virtually back to 100%. I'm so relieved - the therapist seemed to be a bit of a sadist and left Matt a little worse off every time he visited.

Anything else? It feels like there's so much catching up to do...I'm must see the Harry Potter movie before I leave for Chicago or I'll dry up, so that's my top priority outside of work!

Monday, July 09, 2007

The sneaks have started!!!

I love this time of year, pre-show - when all the sneak peeks come out! Luxe has started today and will be "sneaking" a line a day {even on the weekends} through the 20th. Jen, Pam, Tricia & I will all be writing these up and debuting one of our layouts to go with the product peek. This stuff is GORGEOUS!

So go to the Luxe Blog to see more & keep checking back every day!!!

Sunday, July 08, 2007

A message for Amy...

Hello, pumpkin doodle. Hope you're having a great time on your vacation. Uncle Matt & I miss you both a lot and can't wait to give you hugs & hear all about it when you get home.
I saw your comment & tried to email you, but your hellokitty email account didn't like me and "rejected" my message. I will try again from another computer later.
I haven't taken the pictures you wanted yet, but will get to it soon.Uncle Matt & I are both feeling better, thanks for asking. Take care of yourself and hug your sister! Have fun & be safe. See you soon!
love, your Aunt Emily

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Workout by button maker...

Yep, that's a close up of 2,000 buttons. I have to say it - Emily Adams' arms are on fire!!!! Matt's little button maker was smokin' today. My parents came over to join the assembly line and we kicked these out in about 12 hours (Matt had done 3 hours of punching prep already). I've been staring at them for a few minutes & decided they were picture worthy. Another thing ready for the show. Sneak peeks are going to start rollong out on the Luxe Blog on Monday so be sure to check it every day!

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

All shopped out...

I hate shopping for clothes. I don't mind shopping in general, but trying on piece after piece wears me out - emotionally & physically.

My mom shopped once a year in single a marathon session, which I never understood until now. Go once - try on EVERYTHING and get what you like then try to put off shopping again for as long as possible...

This time shopping was a necessity. CHA is coming & with a new booth comes a new dress code. I also found some more upscale casual than my norm & since the sales were awesome I allowed myself some fun pieces. I still need a couple of things to be ready, but no more clothes. So I'm relieved....and completely worn out {no pun intended}.

Monday, July 02, 2007

Living the Luxe Life...

Well after a few weeks of silence, I'm thrilled to announce that I am the newest Luxe Girl! I started as Luxe Designs' Marketing Director when I got home from CKU Anaheim. Luxe has posted their own announcement saying I've joined the team along with a bunch of other changes here - be sure to check it out & bookmark their blog HERE.

I am so excited, I've been about ready to burst - I've had so much to talk about every day...and finally the wait is over! I love the Luxe Girls - I've known Pam, well, it seems like forever...she was a friend of Ashley's and was the handwriting behind Magic Scraps' uber-successful Monochromatic kits. I met Jen through Pam when she moved - I found out on my first day that we really have the same decision making process. I can tell we're really going to get a lot accomplished. I adore Amy - we shared one of the most memorable flights I've ever had on the way home from Memory Trends last year! We were giggling and writing notes back & forth on our beverage napkins...she still had them in her purse on my first day {so cool}. And Brandy's just a hoot. Since I've been here I've also met Julie, Tricia, Kipps, Holly & Kelly - what an amazing team!

I am back in an office environment and I don't even mind the 40 minute commute. I'm just happy to be with people every day - it was getting a little lonely working from home. I'm taking "the alternate route" to work - no highways from Richardson to Irving. I'd rather sit at a light than sit in traffic! I just finished the audio book I've been listening to since Amsterdam - so that's pretty cool. I did get completely turned around and {as my family affectionately called it} "pulled a Rusty" {our favorite directionally-challenged family member}. I left work, got on "the road home", turned THE WRONG DIRECTION and didn't realize my mistake until I pulled up alongside Lone Star Park {which is - oof, well, it's far}. It took me 2 1/2 hours to get home that day. In that amount of time I could've just gone to Oklahoma or Louisiana {if I had known how to do that}.

I'm also looking forward to new challenges. Working as Marketing Director has me more involved with blog & website development, advertising and overall planning. It feels like a perfect fit for where I am now.

This is my first non-Education Director title and it offers an interesting change of pace. I will be working closely with Luxe's Education Director, Kelly and will still be doing some of the teaching too. For those CKU students of mine - I will be revamping the classes I was already scheduled to teach, just with a transfer of sponsorship. Same concept, all luxe-a-licious product. Also, please note several new dates in my sidebar, like classes in Toronto and Florida as well as make & takes in Chicago.

I have been a fan of Luxe products since they debuted as a new company at the last show. Their ultra hip graphic design stands out in an industry that, for the most part, seems to be steadily homogenizing. I have seen their products they will release for this summer and I AM BLOWN AWAY. I have been scrapbooking & creating at a breakneck pace...In the last 2 weeks I have done 7 layouts and altered 2 mirrors, a clock, a trinket box and a journal. I also had the opportunity to be the guest designer for the July Scraptivity kit.

So, yes it has been busy. I am feeling a little better {but that could be attributed to eating my Aunt's good chicken & stars soup, applesauce, crackers & bananas for 2 days}. Matt's on vacation & is heading up to his uncle's for a few days. We have the catalog to finish and I have loads to do. So, until next time....LIVE LUXE!

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Under the weather...

It's been about four days now of feeling crumby. At first I attributed it to a sleepless night. Then I made an excuse about what I might have eaten. Yesterday I started feeling a little sorry for myself. And today - well, today I'm still in my pajamas. I missed church and I'm missing the choir concert I wanted to sing in tonight. I even broke down and asked my aunt to make me and bring me some homemade chicken noodle soup {she made it with stars - extra cool}.

There's no time to feel under par. I working on CHA booth samples while I'm feeling sorry for myself. wallow, wallow, wallow...OK, I feel better now. I just had to tell somebody.