Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Sick as a dog...

Well, it's officially allergy season in the Adams household {link to the pollen count}. Usually Matt starts sniffling in late August leading up to a full blown allergy melt down by Labor Day weekend - which culminates in the sickest & most miserable he could possibly be by October 2nd (our wedding anniversary). With the milder weather this year (we went from solid 100+ days to "normal people" weather almost overnight) nothing has really hit yet. UNTIL TODAY. Poor thing. I'm super glad he dragged himself to the doctor after work, usually we have to go a few rounds before he actually goes in for medicine. He's snorking and dripping and sounds totally awful - it's actually pretty sad. He's on steroids, allergy meds & a prescription nasal spray...he can't taste or breathe and it's hard to even understand him. I feel really bad for him. Sometimes my allergies flare up in the spring (around my birthday) - but never like this.


Anonymous Christyne said...

Oh yuck! I have allergies too, so I feel your pain...TOTALLY sucks!

Hope he's all better soon!


7:41 AM  

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