Saturday, September 23, 2006

Kicking off the birthday party weekend...

I have two birthday parties this weekend - when it rains it pours. Last night was a small gathering for Gracie's first birthday. Ashley's kids are sooo cute. I didn't take many pictures {they just got a rebel & were taking plenty}, but I did catch our niece Haley carrying around the birthday girl and a snap of Gracie & her cake. I've known Ashley since she was 15. We were lunch buddies in high school but didn't know eachother outside of school. Her very best friend since grade school was Tracy Adams - you see where this is going...I married Tracy's little brother. So basically our families are pretty connected. I love her kids like they were related.

Our other birthday party is tomorrow - more virtual family. My best friend from college, Angie's youngest is turning 7. We're heading over to Peter Piper Pizza (oh boy) on Sunday. Both of her boys are like nephews to us. Angie was supposed to be the matron of honor in my wedding, but due to "poor planning" on her part {chuckle}, her due date was on my wedding day. She delivered a few days early, but didn't make the trip to Dallas to be in the wedding {although, I must give her credit...she actually called me and told me she was pricing Southwest tickets to see if she could limp up here, leaving the baby at home just days after her delivery - she didn't of course. But saying she was even considering it was sweet.} So now when we look at Jake, we know how long we've been married. our actual anniversary will be a week from Monday on October 2.


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