Sunday, September 24, 2006

It's in the Bag...

Here's another 1 hour class for bootcamp. I call it It's in the Bag - since it's constructed from a base of paper bags. I'm keeping it simple since it's only an hour class, but I love the look of the Chartreuse Dream papers & coasters and the sponged acrylic paint. Everybody can pick their own title - I just added the "everyday blessings" to show off the cool label coaster.

I sorted out all my silk flowers this morning & paired up the layered fowers with a mini brad on small squares of cardstock...I knew I had a lot of these little flowers...but I had 92?!?!? {46 sets} I mean, that's fantastic for class purposes, but what on earth was I doing with 92 of these? I guess I keep buying the flowers I like {over & over again}.

The photo's OK, but I still don't think it does the colors justice. The butterscotch paint on this baby is just rich. The colors are: sunrise blush, cloudy gray, misty white, orange twilight & golden sunset.


Blogger Wife2TJ said...

Beautiful job! (I could beat you out in the flower dept. I am so addicted to flowers I can't even count how many I have.)

10:32 PM  

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