Saturday, September 30, 2006

The Spice of Life...

I've talked about it before...I love scrapping recipes. My very first scrapbook classes I taught were called "Table Scraps: a series on cookbook scrapbooks". At the time {2001} that was a little out of the box - the only class that ever filled {and, man did it fill} was my "Chocolate Crop".

Well, here's the latest spin on creating a personal recipe treasury. You can theme this so many ways - family favorites, your cooking secrets to pass along to our children or loved ones, a "what to cook when he gets sick" for your daughter-in-law {these are a must for brides} - I'm even going to do a graduation version with how to boil water in the microwave, 20 variations for Ramen & phone numbers to all the local pizza places. This format would be a great as a Christmas gift - throw in a few vintage photos of whoever the recipes were handed down from and voila!

This is another upcoming class premiering at ScrapBook BootCamp. That's it - four is plenty! The base of this album is constructed from envelopes, so each panel can hold recipe cards tucked in the back. The strap on this just came to me while I was working on simple to make, but so good looking & practical. Yes, the closure is a paper clip. You know me - peppy & cheap.

Hope you enjoy these pics - I have two more classes and some make & takes to design tomorrow so check back; I'll post more samples. I'll be kicking into the holiday mode since I'm doing some Christmas events {all new classes and make & takes} at stores around Texas starting in November. Check my calendar - I'd love to see you there!


Anonymous daryl said...

Emily....I LOVE the recipe book idea!!! I took your faboo envelope book class at CKU San Jose this past June and I can't find my directions anywhere. Would you be able to email me a set?????? Purty pleeeeeeze???????

9:33 AM  
Anonymous daryl said...

btw...I guess you would need an email addy, huh??? or does it auto show?

9:35 AM  
Blogger Emily Adams said... doesn't auto show...
and you didn't put it in your second comment either :)

so - just let me know. I'll get them out to you later this week.

10:21 AM  
Blogger Dana Brooks said...


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