Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Better than mac & cheese...

I was on the phone with my cousin, Meg (14), this afternoon and as dinner time approached I asked her what she would be having. Under the circumstances she was quite chipper..."I'm on my own for dinner so I thought I'd read a box of mac & cheese and do that. I think I had it for breakfast too..."
What would you do, America?

So here she is on my couch eating dinner. She got the "red plate". (I highly recommend you start a red plate in your household. I can't remember when my mom started one for us, but she bought me one as a wedding gift. It's a really special thing.) Meg even helped me make dinner. We're hanging out watching The Amazing Race. We're rooting for B.J. & Tyler and drinking all the diet coke.

How fun is that?

Monday, February 27, 2006

Reflections on Jell-O...

Have you bought jell-o lately? Have you even looked? Maybe because I don't have kids - but it's been a really long time since I've looked at jell-os. Wow - how the world has changed. I've been back "on jell-o" for about three weeks now.

In case you didn't know these days Jell-o comes in:
Apricot, Berry Blue, Black Cherry, Cherry, Cranberry, Cranberry-Raspberry, Green Apple, Grape, Pineapple, Magical Twist, Lemon, Lime, Mixed Fruit, Orange, Peach, Raspberry, Strawberry, Strawberry-Banana, Strawberry-Kiwi, Watermelon, White Grape, Wild Berry, and Wild Strawberry.

Growing up my mom would make raspberry jell-o with bananas, halved red grapes, mini marshmallows and pecans or it would be orange jell-o with shredded carrots - so I didn't have a jell-o "rainbow" to choose from. One other - when I was sick she would give me a mug of hot liquid lemon jell-o to drink (yum). I just tried the green apple and it's like a deliscious, jiggly jolly rancher.

They say on the box you can make them with sodas (lemon-lime or fruit, not Coke...) - how fun is that? Here's a link to the Jell-O Museum.

Sometimes it's the little things that make you smile. Jello makes me happy.

Saturday, February 25, 2006

A full day already...

I don't know what possessed me, but I woke up with Matt at 6:30 this morning & haven't napped yet! We were at Target by 8:30 getting groceries & perscriptions. Since we were a little early for the pharmacy, we looked around some. I normally don't impulse shop - but - they were clearing out the last of the world market stuff and we picked up this raw silk back support pillow (I sit up in bed a lot - all those sleepless nights) for $3.99 (originally 39.99 - yes, thats 90% off). It's funky, comfortable & generally perfect...anyway it's fun!

Then Matt took me to Hobby Lobby (I'm still not driving yet). I'm in a scrapping group & I signed up for a silk flower swap. It's really great. Last time there was only 5 of us and look at these big milk bottles the flowers filled. Because I'm a nerd, I analyzed them and the least purchased color in the last round was pink. It might be overkill, but I went pink crazy.

I've written a guide of 9 ways to alter silk flowers and I made a badge book for each of the new members. The back of each "page" has a quotation about flowers. I made a personalized tag for each individual bag of flowers and got a shadow box for the hostess for flower art (Target Dollar Spot - my other morning find). I didn't want to leave out the first rounders, so I made ghost flower monograms for everybody.

Why is it that I always get so carried away with these things? But I can't help it...it sure is fun.

BTW - silk flower "bushes" (the best deal) are on sale at Hobby Lobby 1/2 price right now...

Friday, February 24, 2006

For a hero...

Once again I zonked out after dinner, slept through all the "good parts" of the Olympics & here I am - after my bedtime, wide awake with only the computer, cable & a honey bun instead of carrots* to keep me company.
*(I'm only human - sometimes I just have to have a honey bun instead).

With the surgery and everything I missed the chance to tell you about Jim. Jim is Sharon's nephew (you remember Sharon - my "fingers" right after the surgery; my stepmother). Jim has been serving with the army in Iraq. The night before I had my pacemaker operation, they got the call they were dreading. Jim had been injured, seriously; he and three others had stepped on a landmine - perhaps you saw it on the news in a passing sentence...that was Jim.

Constant phone calls among her family members trying to get news, spreading the little inforation they had. Sharon's sister (Aunt Elaine) thought to get her senator involved, who in turn got the pentagon involved, and information began to flow pretty quickly after that.

Luckily, the device they came across was homemade & therefore not as powerful as a regular landmine. Jim was airlifted to a hospital in Germany & has already had multiple surgeries on his shattered legs. His parents and wife are with him now & we get email reports every day.

I wanted to take the time to say, thank you Jim for your sacrifices. I'm praying for your recovery. God bless you.

Sleepless in Dallas...

Well, I've tried everything else to go to sleep, so I thought if I complained about it maybe I'd feel better...Somehow I managed to doze off after dinner - as a result I had a good 2 hour nap. Now I can't sleep. My shoulder's killing me & I have leg cramps really bad (big problem since the stroke) & I can't take another pill for an hour & a half. My brain is thinking too much to settle down to read my book (currently rereading Fellowship of the Ring) - so I'm eating baby carrots with black pepper & watching bad cable (Red Heat is on right now - you remember, 1988 - Arnold Schwarzenegger & James Belushi). Oh well - I should probably go back to bed and hope to drift off...shouldn't be too much of a problem with my "staggering array" of basic cable choices...

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Sneak Peeks & my extreme makeover

Talk about an extreme makeover - look at the EKG's!!! That big dip was where the one quadrant of my heart gave out. It's always looked like that...the minute I got out of surgery I saw my new heartbeat. Isn't it beautiful?

The surgery was downright horriffic, but who cares? I'm on the verge of being healthy again. (and I'm on enough pain meds to not be too stressed) Thanks to all of you who have sent messages & prayers - they've realy lifted my spirit.

OK - enough about me....I know you want to see stuff!
I took photos of the supplies I'm using for my two CKU-A classes (Kate & Ashley will be teaching these for me until I'm recovered enough to travel).

High Society
Here'a a glimpse of the two-sided album you'll create in class. I intended it to be friendship-themed, but with its stylish look, it can really work for anything.

Some fun stuff:
stitched felt die cuts
library pockets
Two-Fold Fasteners

OK, I admit it - I love tag books...they're so quick and versatile. I'm doing up my sample with retro travel pictues, but this can adapt to any trip.

Don't forget to bring your dymo labeler to class!

More fun stuff:
Adhesive Rub-Ons
Faux Embossing Sheets
Clear Cut-Outs
Clear Detail Minis

Hope you enjoy the class previews...and thanks again for your support...

Friday, February 17, 2006

Emily Can't Come to the Blog Right Now . . .

Hello, eveybody, I'm Sharon and I'm Emily's fingers right now (and coincidently have been married to her Dad for the last 27 years.)

Here's the update: Her surgery was a little more involved than anticipated but she came through it well. She's home now, sore, bruised, and swollen and remarkably cheerful in spite of all the pain she's in. They tested the device while she was still in the hospital and it's working well (Emily translates: "Working well" feels like getting kicked in the sternum.") We're keeping her iced down and drugged. (Emily translates: "That's why I'm so cheerful".)

She's not up to talking much yet, but is having me check her blog regularly if you would like to reach her.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

A valentine wish

It could be that I'm obsessing because I'm scheduled to get my pacemaker/defib tomorrow, but I would really love if every one of you that reads this goes to become a member of Go Red for Women. Go Red For Women is the American Heart Association’s nationwide movement that celebrates the energy, passion and power we have as women to band together and wipe out heart disease. Thanks to the participation of millions of people across the country, the color red and the red dress have become linked with the ability all women have to improve their heart health and live stronger, longer lives. Plus they send you a really cool pin for free. :)

Let me know on my comments if you join. That would be the best valentines gift ever.

I'll be in the hospital Wed & Thurs, but hope to blog (at least a little) on Friday to let you know how things go. Your support has really touched me...thank you & happy valentines day!

Friday, February 10, 2006

Happy Valentines Day to Me

Well, this is it folks. I'm getting an Atlas + HF ICD (pacemaker/defib combo) this coming Wednesday, February 15th. Happy Valentines Day to me. This thing is incredible. There is a possibility that it can undo all the damage my heart's endured from suffering from LBBB - let's hope so. At the very least it will give me all kinds of energy & keep me out of cardiac danger. I'm so excited about getting it put in I've actually been crying about it - had to go to Sonic with my parents for a little celebration (love those Lemon-Berry Slushes)!

Thursday, February 09, 2006

I feel foolish

Well - apparently I'm addicted to more than the Olympics or I am sorely in need of a calendar (or the ability to look at one). If you haven't figured out - the Olympics actually start tomorrow.
Aw shucks...

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Facing facts - I'm an addict

The first step towards healing is admitting you have a problem - Yes, America, I am an OLYMPIC JUNKIE!

And why not? They're fabulous! The Olympic opening ceremonies tonight (7 PM CST, NBC) will be followed by 35 thousand spectators at the Stadio Olimpico and by approximately 2 billion television spectators the world wide.

Here are some fun facts of tonight's ceremonies:
6,100 volunteers and 240 professionals
15,000 days of work
100,000 meals
6,100 scene costumes during the two shows
500 pairs of skates
32 television cameras present at the Stadio
13,120 sq ft of stage purposely designed
32,800 sq ft of back stage
More than 150 18-wheelers to transport the stage, structures, lights, audio, and special effects
More than 62 miles of cables

and, yes, I know I'm a nerd :)

Here's the Olympic blog run by about.com

Now here's what kills me - it's 2006 & this is what they come up with for the mascots of the olympics - Q-Tip Girl & Marshmallow-Head Boy. Seems a shame to mix all the natural beauty of Torino with these squishy thingies - but who knows? Maybe in 14 days I'll miss them...

Check out Torino~pretty, isn't it? Why can't we have a scrapbooking convention there?

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

The good news

well, I got my official results this morning, a week ahead of schedule. I will be getting a defibrillator (see link for the one I'm probably in for) in the next few weeks - I'll keep you posted as soon as I learn the "scoop". By the way that plus/minus two business rounded down two this time & I was only at a 33.

Friday, February 03, 2006

Meaningless number & my tangle with the machine

Well, I had my tests run yesterday...the tech told me my e.f. was at a 35.
Now I know I need to "officially" wait for my doctor's analysis...but 35?
That's useless.

Let me explain. 35 is the cut-off number - below get the pacemaker, above no pacemaker. Now the tech is a plus/minus 2 on that number depending on how my doc reads the results. So it could be anything. I was hoping for a 20 or a 50 so there would be no more waiting & so I could have some clue of what was going to happen next. No such luck. I have to wait for my "regularly scheduled appointment" for the results. (it's in a week or two - I forgot the exact date)

The scanner (muga-scanner) broke down on me while it was above me & I couldn't get out on either side. Technically the computer that ran the machinery froze up, as a result I was in there forever (probably not more than an hour than usual, but alone on a table in the dark it seems like an eternity - especially when you can hear the techs "this has never happened before" "when will he be back from lunch then? I have a patient stuck in the machine!" - yikes). They were trying to get me out from under the L-shaped, plate-like part when my leg brace strap caught on something and - JERK- and -YELL, and that stopped their efforts in a hurry. Other than that it was uneventful. Oh - I had an IV through my knuckle (I have awful veins, apparently), which I recommend avoiding at all costs for your entire lifetime. :)

Looking forward to a fun weekend.
Happy Birthday to my niece, Amy.
She is 11 today & we're going to her birthday party tonight.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

More Samples for the UK

Well, that should do it. :)

I think I have every product represented that will be shown at the show.

Thinking of you: Oasis felt die cuts, paper and mini fasteners by Magic Scraps.
From this day forward: Wedding paper (by the way, this is my FAVORITE paper pack EVER), clear detail minis, transparency, and flair by Magic Scraps.
Sugar & Spice:Girly paper, clear detail minis, flair, frameworks & mini fasteners by Magic Scraps, stamps from Hero Arts, ink by Ranger.

Elizabeth Kathleen:Baby paper, frameworks, Clear Cut-Outs & two-fold fasteners from Magic Scraps, Rub-On from Creative Imaginations, Ribbon from Offray, flourish from Clipart.com.

Lori's Surprise Birthday Bash:Birthday paper, clear detail minis, Clear Cut-Outs and mini fasteners from Magic Scraps.

Birthday Invitation: Birthday paper, two-fold fastener, clear cut-outs, streamers from Virtual Metal Alphabet stickers all by Magic Scraps.

If you can't tell I've been on a kick this week with the collections. If you haven't worked with them yet, I really recommend them! It's just so easy when everything matches...

On a personal note...I am going to get an in-vitro mugascan in the morning, so I'll be a little radioactive tomorrow.