Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Coasters, coca cola and the psychotic sing-a-long...

I'm probably delirious at this point...I feel like I've been up FOREVER. I have a ridiculous number of deadlines on top of me {I'm not complaining - I just need more hours in the day!}. I got up around 6ish this morning & started on emails & coasters. Went into the office...scanned for hours {50+ journal pages for an upcoming CKU home study class}. Had to dig up press stuff for my portfolio. Oh yeah, I had to make a portfolio {surprisingly time consuming}. Somewhere in there I did come home, cook {real food - my Caribbean Jerk Jambalaya} & clean my scrapbook room. I finished my portfolio then went back to coasters. I don't think I've spilled any details yet but one of the multiple classes I'm filming for CKU Home Study - it will be a mega-technique class with 20 ways to alter coasters. I did all the coasters except maybe 3 today...but I'm too zonked to use a heat tool now & I know it. Other than the housewives on Sunday, I haven't caught any new shows. I listened to about half of the series on TV Land called Generation Boom {a 4 part documentary on what makes baby boomers tick}. I was actually kind of disappointed with tonight - but I've been reading generational studies lately, so it wasn't bad, it was just material I already knew. However, it did get me in the mood to pop in an AWESOME movie to work to - JAWS {one of my favs - they were talking about boomer pop culture & movies came up}. I'm going to watch the other nights of the show since they're all on different topics. So now I've sucked down a couple of fully leaded cokes & I'm just sitting here exhausted, bug-eyed at the computer having some kind of psycho sing-a-long with youtube. I've listened to and sang along with KT Tunstall's version of I Want You Back about, gee, maybe 20-25 times in a row??? I do it without thinking when I'm working on sample stuff. As a matter of fact, I'm listening again & singing now. I should stop singing & blogging and go get some sleep!

Post-script - the morning after...I just went back & cleaned up my typos in the psycho babble...Last night when I went to post this blogger was doing maintenance so I really thought this post was wiped out. Right after I wrote it I went to take out my contacts & put on my glasses and my frames disintegrated in my hands...the metal just finally snapped - so new glasses are in my future {damn}.


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