Tuesday, September 12, 2006

It's been a blur...

Lately I've been all over my blog, now this...a break from blogging. Saturday I got "my sweatshop" into the office to pack hundreds of class kits for CKU Houston {my sweatshop = Matt, my Aunt Carol, and my cousins Amy & Meg}. Over 750 lbs of stuff & 8 hours of packing!!!! Ooof! After that it was just collapse on the couch and sleep {by 9:30}.

Sunday was not how I planned it...I overslept sooooo much - I didn't wake up until 11:30! Matt picked up an extra shift so he was working all day. I did the grocery store, had lunch, wrapped a present for Kate and headed out. I picked up my sister-in-law Tracy & my nieces and we went to Kate's housewarming. She has such a cute new home {can a house be cute?}. Gracie took her first steps at Kate's party!!! We caught it on video - check Ashley's blog for the footage, it should be posted soon! Side note: found a new favorite pasta sauce - served it with grilled basil & garlic chicken & penne.

I couldn't face posting on September 11th. Such a sad day. So many memories.
and here we are...

it's Tuesday.
hello again...


Anonymous Lindsay K./aggiebonfire00 said...

Cannot wait to meet you in a couple of days at CKU Houston. Can't wait to see what took you so long to pack! Drive/fly safely to Houston!

11:14 PM  

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