Thursday, July 19, 2007

Pre-preview Party...

Sorry for the day of silence. The internet connection at the hotel isn't "recognizing" my computer any more...we have to call someone, grumble, grumble - long story short, I pirated Jen's computer to post.

Yes, I rued the day I ever drank that much. I haven't been that sick from drinking since I was 18, and since it's 18 years later I calculate I can't have my next stupid drinking incedent until I'm 54. {although hopefully I learned something}. The pants thing and the smelling thing are still very funny and whenever it's quiet, one of us cracks up & says - you smell good or I'm wearing pants.

Our big awesome invitation-only preview party at Gibson's starts at 5 so I have to go. Just wanted to post an update!


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