Saturday, July 14, 2007

Ex Boyfriend's Shirt...

I'm blogging all weekend over on the Luxe blog. Today is their upcoming line Ex-Boyfriend's Shirt. The papers are gorgeous, you'll have to hop over to the other blog to take a peek. This line cracks me up - here are their names:

The Mama's Boy
The One Who Got Away
The Bad Boy
The Starving Artist
The Nice Guy
The Class Clown
The One Who Stood Me Up

So, now you know the names, here are a couple that ended up on the cutting room floor...

The Bad Kisser
The One Who Never Grew Up
The Sports Freak
The Stalker
The One that Made Me Crazy
He Who Loved Himself
The One Who Didn't Get Me
The One Who Probably Liked Boys

What would you have come up with?


Blogger AK2CO Girl said...

um...yeah...'the gay one'...
Love Luxe and the new stuff doesn't look like it will disappoint. This post cracked me up...

6:37 PM  
Blogger rebecca lucille said...

omG! I love the ones on the cutting room floor!

11:52 PM  
Blogger rebecca lucille said...

how about "the sociopath" ???

11:52 PM  
Anonymous Amy said...

The One Who Spoke In Poetry
The One My MOTHER Loved

12:20 AM  

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