Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Another day in the Windy City...

Well, it's day 2 in Chicago. We headed out to Rosemont this morning to meet up with Kipps, the first member of our team to arrive. We checked in to the hotel & headed over to do our presentation for the Crafter's Home group. After that we changed into grungies & started setting up our booth. We set the walls and started some crate unpacking - then realized we set the walls in the wrong configuration and reset them. Then - crappity-crap - we were kicked out. Apparently official booth setup starts tomorrow - who knew? So tomorrow we will be ahead of the game.

Tonight we're going to dinner at Everest...yumm-o. Weather is about to roll in & Chicago is scheduled to have 2 solid days of thunderstoms. We are hoping for the best but are prepping for the worst - the rest of our team arrives tomorrow.


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