Friday, February 03, 2006

Meaningless number & my tangle with the machine

Well, I had my tests run yesterday...the tech told me my e.f. was at a 35.
Now I know I need to "officially" wait for my doctor's analysis...but 35?
That's useless.

Let me explain. 35 is the cut-off number - below get the pacemaker, above no pacemaker. Now the tech is a plus/minus 2 on that number depending on how my doc reads the results. So it could be anything. I was hoping for a 20 or a 50 so there would be no more waiting & so I could have some clue of what was going to happen next. No such luck. I have to wait for my "regularly scheduled appointment" for the results. (it's in a week or two - I forgot the exact date)

The scanner (muga-scanner) broke down on me while it was above me & I couldn't get out on either side. Technically the computer that ran the machinery froze up, as a result I was in there forever (probably not more than an hour than usual, but alone on a table in the dark it seems like an eternity - especially when you can hear the techs "this has never happened before" "when will he be back from lunch then? I have a patient stuck in the machine!" - yikes). They were trying to get me out from under the L-shaped, plate-like part when my leg brace strap caught on something and - JERK- and -YELL, and that stopped their efforts in a hurry. Other than that it was uneventful. Oh - I had an IV through my knuckle (I have awful veins, apparently), which I recommend avoiding at all costs for your entire lifetime. :)

Looking forward to a fun weekend.
Happy Birthday to my niece, Amy.
She is 11 today & we're going to her birthday party tonight.


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