Monday, October 16, 2006

A musical triumph & other things...

What a difference a day makes...I saw Tracy tonight at Amy's flute recital {the flute only needed a screw to fix it} and she's a different woman than yesterday. They gave her some breathing treatments and figured out it was some kind of bronchitis and/or asthma - another round of doctor visits to make sure...But doesn't she look fab now?

Speaking of doctors, I dragged myself to my pcp today...with a case of the post Vegas crud. Must sound better - teaching this weekend & filming next week...speaking of which the LAST thing I should be doing right now is blogging, but - oh well...

It's ironic really, I can cook a fancy meal from scratch and do up a gourmet spread...but apparently I can't defrost a lasagna. TWO HOURS we waited -we had to go to the recital without eating {but stopped at Burger Street on the way}...maybe tomorrow? Maybe next time I'll read the box...oopsie.

We're super proud of our niece, Amy. She started playing the flute this year and has only had a few weeks with the instrument. This took real guts & she was WONDERFUL! Amy, when you read this...Uncle Matt & I are soooooo proud of you!


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