Sunday, October 15, 2006

Life goes on...Haley's party...

Well, life goes on...our niece Haley had her 8th birthday party this afternoon - it was a cat & dog party and all the kids made presents for the dogs and cats at the SPCA as their craft project {painted & foam stamped kercheifs for the puppies and toy mice for the kitties - how cute is that???}. Tracy called me, super sick {ironically with a severe allergic reaction to their cats}, so Meg & I headed over early to help with errands and cake icing & decorating. The girls and their dad had made 2 cakes the night before - one was a dog paw & the other I "transformed" into a cat face {kind of an icing sculpture, but the 8 year-olds didn't judge too harshly}.

Her sister Amy {sixth grade} is SUCH a preteen...she asked this year if she HAD to go to Haleys party??? As in your sister that will be having the party in your house? Um, like, yes you HAVE to go to Haley's party. She actually looked like she was having a good time, too. She played her flute for us..but then it kind of broke...and, um she has a recital tomorrow we'll see what happens. After the party Tracy {their mom/Matt's sister} was in such bad shape she headed straight to the ER & the girls came home with us - they're here now helping Matt with dinner.

I snapped this pic of Meg with one of their reminded me so much of Upside Down Ada, I had to share...I call it Upside Down Meg with attached cat...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lets see... that sounds close to a Seussism. The cat IS a hat.

Anon Ymous

9:40 PM  
Blogger Emily Adams said...

OK - SUCH a better title...I am impressed. That's it: the Cat IS the Hat.

11:52 PM  

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