Friday, October 13, 2006

The Memory Trends Report...

Well, I’m home...aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah.
gambling risk: $4
gambling loss: $4
2 margaritas after the show closed: $16
bumping my plane ticket up to a different time: $25
getting home at 1AM instead of 3:30AM: priceless

Post Vegas assessment: I have a case of "Vegas voice", my face has broken out & I lost a nail. My suitcase was about 25 lbs heavier coming home than going & {as I feared} I gave up on wearing my cute skull & crossbone buckle mary janes and switched to crocs after only 2 hours on day 1. I have grown accustomed to the omlette bar and missed it terribly this morning...I took some fun pictures...bonded with Jane, made a new friend {Wes}, spent ALL my free time with Ginger, got to know all my dt "homies" a little better {LOL} and continued to fall head over heels for IP & the way they run their company.

Let's see, picture details...the fuzzed picture is from that night in our hotel room. I labeled it "obscured to protect the {not so} innocent" since we were doing a rude gesture & didn't want to be recognized. If it doesn't look that offensive, that's good, but the story behind it is HILARIOUS.

Then is a pic of me with fellow IPDT members, Chrys Queen Rose & Dana Newsom. I'd never met them before & we were assigned together as roommates. They're really nice & I really enjoyed being in there with them...and apparently I snore - badly. I place full blame on the feather pillows {discarded after night 1}, the down comforter {discarded after night 2} and, um, and...after that I guess I was just myself. Sorry, guys.

Oh yes, Laura & Sherry. Oh my. Well, I kept calling Sherry "Shelly", then I started calling her mom because I kept asking her to pass me things...and Laura? What can I say? Laura is such a neat person - I think of her as a young Barbara Streisand - can you see it? Super talented scrapper, responsible, kind, sweet - she's the total package.

Next, Becky came by to see me...I met Becky in Utah one night through having dinner with Teresa. She & Roxanne from that night were both at this show & now we're going to try to all get together when I go out to Utah to film in 2 weeks - so email me girls!

Kandice did the cutest booth. They're starting to sell hybrid scrapbooking kits at Cross My Heart, with hands-on embellishments and digital art on discs. So they put records up on the walls all over their booths with paper samples as the centers. Their real papers wee mounted to foam board and put into the boxy-table-thingie, like flipping through albums at a record store, if you're old enough to remember that!

I missed a lot of photos too - in our booth: Morris & Janice, Barb, Greta, then there was also Vicki Boutin & Sharon Laakkonen, Roxanne, Ashley & Ben, Pam & Jen, Brandy & Sam, super cool Claire from the UK, Eileen...I'm sure there were others. It all went by so fast.

This is my second event with Jane & I've decided we're birds of a feather. I'm blown away by her talent & smarts {she's a RN as well as a professional photographer} - but most of all I like her sense of fun. Jane has fun. It's infectious. I like her style.

And then there's Ginger...what can I say? One of my closest friends. Wild. Brutally honest. Devoted mother. Downright raunchy Nick Lachey fan. Master ofthe inappropriate text messages to her husband. Ginger keeps me laughing too. Her artwork is, well, flawless. We get along well and work well together. Genetically combined we would be the ultimate scrapper - but don't worry, we're not cloning - yet.

This is very unlike me...{and if you're out there saying - it's exactly like me, you're probably right, but I like to perceive this as not being like here goes}. I was eating lunch with Ginger and looked up and a few tables over sitting alone was Wes Thomsen. I did the quiet freak out & told Ginger he was sitting there. So, since she had no idea who he was, I was on my own and, yes, I interrupted his lunch {sorry, Wes} to introduce myself {if I could even talk properly - I was all nervous}. He was super nice and we went by and picked up a copy of his DVD & got a signed poster later. But after that, we kept crossing paths on the show floor and we got to talk a bit. He really made an impression on me - he seems to really "get" scrapbooking and is surprisingly genuine and charming. And somehow he stuck his finger in my ear and took his shirt off for me...but that's a different story.

Well, that's my Memory Trends report for 2006. I wish I could say I'll be home a while, but I have to unpack so I can repack - I'm off to St. Louis to teach next weekend; then Utah to film; then San Antonio...oooof. Makes me tired just spelling it out. Hope you enjoyed & have a great day!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Emily, your blog is always so entertaining - thanks for sharing so much of yourself. And for being so diligent about doing it - it's rare that a day passes without me checking your blog for an update, and there is almost always one there. You're special.

6:11 PM  
Anonymous Jnae Hasty said...

Awesome report Em! I promise to send more pictures your way ASAP. I may be good with some pictures but I am at a loss for words for the way I feel about Vegas. Let's just say I cannot wait to do it again! Love you girl! Jane

11:22 PM  
Anonymous Jane Hasty said...

I'm so tired I can't even spell my own name. LOL. Vegas will do that to you huh?

11:23 PM  
Anonymous Jane Hasty said...

Why are all my emails being returned??? Help!!!

11:47 PM  
Anonymous Mou S said...

Ha ha ha...
Not SOOOO innocent is right.
Wish I could meet ya
In case you wonder, I'm the gal behind the story that gets funnier every time Amy tells it.

10:35 AM  
Blogger Emily Adams said...

MOU! YOU FOUND ME! {I hesitate to guess how you googled obscene gesture/inside joke/memory trends??}
I WISH I could've met you & shared in the laugh first hand...if you're coming to Anaheim, find me -I'll be in the Imagination Project booth. I'll recognize you by your nifty gesture. :)

12:06 AM  

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