Sunday, October 08, 2006

Leaving on a jet plane...

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I'm packing today & taking care of any last minute details. I have that feeling of dread like I've already forgotten something...I've taken stock of the "laundry situation" {bad} and I've started the washer. I'm a slow packer - I tend to overthink things. Things to do today: laundry, pack, make an itinerary, print tickets, price shuttle v parking, make cool pins for my shirt out of coasters for the, try to FIND my new business cards {that could be part of the dread}, balance the ole' bank account, email the stores I'll be teaching at, buy AA don't know...

If you're at the show COME BY - I'll be working in the Imagination Project booth {# 263} with Ginger, Laura & Barb - you can't miss us, we'll be the hotties in the black & yellow bowling shirts!!!

Yesterday I actually finished my "to do" list early and thought I earned a nap {a real luxury since I've been so busy lately} - I laid down at 2:30 & never dreamed I wouldn't wake up 'til 6:20!!! Which wouldn't have been so bad, but we were going to Kandice's housewarming last night from 7-9. Spent most of the evening on the patio with Kate & Pam - fun! Matt & I went to Chili's afterwards and I stayed up late watching The Birdcage {again}.


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