Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Another day in Vegas....

After my post, my day started in line at a breakfast buffet with three extremely drunk Scottish men insisting I order their omlettes since "they've never been to this country before and didn't know how" - so I did. Bless their stinky hearts {you could get drunk off their fumes}, I don't know how they could've possibly navigated back to their table. They were trying to spoon raw ingredients from the omlette bar onto their plates while I was waiting for mine to finish being cooked.

The morning rocked at the IP booth, but the whole show floor kind of quieted down at about 2 was as if there was something going on we didn't know about...very wierd - all the booths I talked to had the same big lul. After the day was done {6 PM} 15 of us headed back to Paris & the wonder buffet. Found a new favorite thing - they had the most amazing varieties of heirloom tomatoes I've ever tasted in a smooth & subtle vinegar with fresh parsley & chunks of garlic...OMG. I had them with my salad, with my dinner and another bowl instead of a dessert. Vicki Boutin's a hoot! We were teasting her about her Canadian accent, so Janice said "say p-a-s-t-a" & she answered "paste" - it took us a minute to realize how strong her daquari must have been, then we ended up laughing for what seemed like ages...maybe you had to be there? I just love the "Bout". Quite a few made it to the dinner from th IPDT: Dana, Chrys, Jane, Becky, Sherry, Greta, Vicki {the "Bout" - pronounced "boot"}, me, Jaura, Ginger, Barb, Janice & Morris of course and the nice couple from Rocky Mountain Hobbies. We split up after that - shoppers, gamblers & fountain viewers...except for me & Laura - we headed "home" to our hotel & talked for a while. She's left for her room & I plan to take a long soak in this awesome tub and get an earlier nights' sleep!!! CK announced Scrapbooker of the Year tonight somewhere out here at a big{here} for the video announcement of the winner! Congatulations!!!!


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I see you down there friend! :) Sounds like you guys are having fun! We are too...

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