Monday, December 08, 2008

Realizations & Beginnings...

A lot has happened in the last few months of my life that I've endeavored to keep "under the blog radar". First, we've faced major health scares and issues with both my & Matt's parents. Also, my computer died, which left me technologically disabled for a period of time. These seemingly unrelated disasters occurred at the same time, but it made other areas of my life quickly snap into focus.
  • I want to spend more time with my friends and my family
  • "My passion" is online marketing initiatives, trend watching and the independent artist communities that are growing globally through the web.
So I'm making some changes...
  • I will be shifting to part time as a marketing contractor for Luxe. I love Luxe, the Luxe Girls and all things Luxe-urious, but my new plans don't have room for a full time job. I will be transitioning to part time after the end of this year.
  • I will be available to do marketing consulting to other scrapbook companies, other craft & hobby companies and independent scrapbook stores. I will be posting more details on this later. In the meantime, email if you are interested.
  • I will be able to concentrate more on ManHandled, my husband's etsy shop, and will have time to launch other handmade shops we have in development as well.
  • Also, I am starting a new venture with a couple of old friends. I have been kicking this idea around for a while now, and finally, it's time. Along with Kate Lynch and Ashley Smith, we are proud to announce...

IndieFrenzy will be a micro-marketing consulting collective for crafsters selling on etsy, ebay and on their own websites with services and tools to help them increase their traffic and sales. We are so excited to be helping independent artists in a market that's more locally focused, globally friendly and uniquely original. IndieFrenzy is handmade marketing for a handmade world.

If you're already on Facebook or Myspace JOIN FOR MORE INFO:
Facebook - become friends with Indie Frenzy
Facebook - join the group IndieFrenzy
MySpace - be our friend

Or you can visit our site
Or email us at

If you remember the names...YES, the "3 Amigos" from the original Magic Scraps have reunited. Back in the day, Kate & I worked for Ashley creating, educating, marketing, & selling Magic Scraps. I wanted to do a mini recap of what we've been up to so you can catch you up...

Before: Ashley has always been an innovator. She started Magic Scraps back in 2001 and was ultimately responsible for all their innovative ideas until she sold the company in 2004.
Since: Ashley has built, a digital scrapbook company that bridges the gap between traditional and digital scrapbookers and brings local stores, manufacturers and digi scrappers together in a unique online community. Ashley has also done web design for several major companies as well as an array of independent artists. In her "spare time" she is also the creator of Dream In Color Creations, and sells at local craft shows.

: Kate designed products for Magic Scraps, traveled to and ran booths at over 100 consumer events across the country and ran their kit club.
Since: Kate has been working in the corporate sector. She has a high position in a credit card processing firm and has become well versed in credit card regulations and how transactions process online. Kate still fuels her creative side with web design work...and she's in the midst of getting her first novel published, while working on her second.

Before: I ran education for Magic Scraps, and tested marketing techniques and monitored consumer habits first hand, as I taught craftsters at conventions all over the world. Through Magic Scraps I got the opportunity to appear on the DIY Network and contribute to several books & magazines.
Since: After that, I launched my own product line with Imagination Project {Circus Rose} before joining Luxe as their Marketing Director in 2007. In the last few years I have learned web design, designed everything from flyers to catalogs, launched multiple online stores, gotten heavy marketing experience and joined the Indie Craft movement. I am an avid trend watcher and still dedicate a lot of my time to research and forecasting.

Combined we have over 30 years in craft & hobby businesses, having worked for large corporations, mid level companies, as consultants or as entrepreneurs. We have conceptualized, sourced, produced, packaged, marketed and sold products on every level from etsy to Target. We are all indie craftsters at heart and want to empower artists everywhere!

Well, now...THAT'S a post! I'm really excited about what the future holds...


Blogger BonnieRose said...

I am so happy for u!

6:45 PM  
Blogger Angie said...

I am so proud of everything you've done and your plans for the future- you rock!!!

7:10 PM  
Anonymous Linda Lipford said...

Ahem...this is a test of the "Lazy Blogger System" for the Luxe Designs blog. Gotcha! (?)

7:29 PM  
Blogger Funky Finds said...

wonderful! and don't forget The Shops @ Funky Finds, too :)

7:09 AM  
Blogger Susan said...

congrats, emily! how exciting!

9:42 AM  
Blogger lynner4 said...

I know new ventures can be scary but you have a great idea and I wish you great luck.

12:52 PM  
Anonymous laura said...

I'm so excited for you, congratulations!! you will be awesome!!!! :)

1:45 PM  
Blogger fran h said...

You guys have so much to offer.
Congrats to all of you on the new endeavor.

4:16 PM  
Anonymous merryheart2 said...

i hope both of your parents are better.
many blessing on your new and exciting ventures!

5:58 AM  
Anonymous kandice said...

i'm excited for you too! now only if all of you could relocate so that i could just drive "up the road" to visit like the old days :) oh, and bring max cafe too. that's be great. good luck! call me and fill me in!

12:18 PM  

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