Monday, June 26, 2006

Home again from CKU...

Home from San lots of sleep & am still somewhat exhausted...the time change & daily margaritas got the better of me...

Not as many pictures as I took in Provo - San Jose seemed like more work & less play - on this trip, however, I did manage to go to dinner with my friends every night at Spencer's {in the hotel}. Day one, we had some free time & went with Kandice from Cross-My-Heart {who's boxes did not show up} for pedicures {my first}.

Got to spend more time with Barb from IP & Sherry, one of my fellow Imagination Project Design Team members. They are great, however, I am determined to give them a hard time...they took off for San Francisco an evening without us - um, hello????

Also had a blast hanging out with Andria from Reminisce...she is now officially "part of the posse"...

People I didn't see enough of {because they were, like w-o-r-k-i-n-g all the time} Margie R-A, Tim, Stacey, Teresa {who was there with her husband Ty & her boys}, Janna, Tricia {who was there with her husband Brian & the "little Davis" herself, who has gotten so much bigger since I've seen her}, Ali, Marji, Michelle & Kristi S-B.

I had such great students...I love teaching in California. If you were in my class be sure to chime in and say hi...I'd really love to hear from you! I got the most thoughtful gift ever - The Festival of Bones - a beautifully illustrated bilingual children's book on the day of the dead. I collect day of the dead skeleton figurines, started on my honeymoon in San Antonio - in 1999, the same year this book was published. I also love richly illustrated children's books... I taught a class on writing your own bio at CKU-Teachers two years ago & which she took & she remembered those minute details I used as examples and found me that book...I am overwhelmed. I'm going to alter it and make it into a book about my collection. Thank you more than I can express, Michelle - you made my day!

Top left: Kandice (Cross-My-Heart), Debby (Canson/Anna Griffin), Anita (CK), Ashley (PolkaDotPotato/Magic Scraps), me, Barb (Imagination Project). Bottom left: Andria (Reminisce), Kandice, Barb, Debby, me.

Top right: the "pedi-party". Middle & bottom right: OK, OK...this is Debby and the "scary guy" from the bar...OMG...there is sooooo much that could be said here, however, I will summarize with the fact that I am very, very sorry for his wife that has to put up with his extremely inappropriate behavior. Debby was MORTIFIED...but the pictures are great...aren't they?


Anonymous Debby said...

Yikes...there they are for all to see! We had a blast! I so enjoyed all our dinners! I'll look forward to more fun in Chicago!

6:56 PM  
Anonymous Kandice said...

I had a great time too! So much fun hanging with all the girls! Thanks! (I'll admit, I MIGHT get kind of hooked on this blog thing. I'll let you know.)
Have a great week Em!

10:39 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Emily, I was lucky enough to take your Directions class. Loved it. :-) I can't wait to finish it up and make it into a little album of my favorite hiking spots.

12:40 AM  
Blogger Michelle Rout said...


You are making me blush here! *I* am beyond thrilled with your reaction to the little book...sometimes we have good intentions & don't follow glad I did this time! I can't tell you how happy your reaction has made me!

Oh, btw, great class too! The friends I was with at the party table are Em-fanatics now too!

Hugz, Michelle

10:41 AM  

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