Thursday, June 15, 2006

A big ole' scrapbookin' garage sale...

oh my goodness...if you live in the DFW area, head on over to Richardson this weekend!!! We are having a big garage sale at our warehouse...not just Magic Scraps - several of us will have tables there as well. Good, good stuff. Come early & stock up on cheap bulk items for cards or Christmas {I make a lot of gifts & have a hard time passing over bulk craft supplies - would be great if you're a girl scout leader too!}. We'll be having another one July 8th - all new stuff & new people with tables, so plan on coming to both!

My dear friend, Martha came over for dinner last night...she is such a hoot. Since she has two jobs & is single she usually doesn't have much down time to "just hang out". I totally understand & take the chance to see her when I can get her. We scoured the retiring Stampin' Up catalog to see if we needed any of the outgoing stamps {I do - p 151 Postal Ephemera}, had dinner and talked.

Tonight {barring change of plans} is the first meeting of Angie's Girls Night Out Club {first order of business is to get a better name}. Angie is my best friend from my college days & now that we're 35 {OK - don't correct me on this, Angie - you'll be 35 in two months, and yes I'm still older than you- but you know what I'm getting at} we are getting a little nostalgic about the "good ole' days". We aren't missing being single or living with our parents or anything like that{we may miss how disgustingly thin we were}, but we just used to go out {movies, dinner, mall, road trips, etc} at the drop of a hat before husbands & children {she has 2 wonderful boys}. We plan to doll up and go out to dinner & a movie just on our own...sounds heavenly. Lynette was going to join us, but can't make it tonight so this first meeting was just how we started {just the two of us}.

This picture was taken right before we went out in the winter of 1990 {so very, very young here}...we've been painting the town red since 1989.


Blogger Angie said...

Can you believe how awesome we looked???? I'm sooo looking forward to this!!!!!

3:23 PM  
Blogger scrapbdazzled said...

I love the picture of the two of you, you looked Marvelous! Love the fab panty hose! SBD

3:26 AM  

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