Sunday, June 18, 2006

Daddy & Superman...

Well, today is father's day...happy father's day daddy & James! I have a very cool dad who is my hero...he has every tool you could ever need, knows what's wrong with my car and/or house when I'm having a problem, can do anything with my computer, has seen like every movie ever, knows all the words to Airplane, Blazing Saddles & Monty Python, has a great sense of humor, is supportive & loves me no matter what I've done and/or do...I have even almost forgiven him for the incident with the elephant & the film box...daddy - you know what I'm talking about...{one step away from therapy here} :)

I am also blessed with an awesome father-in-law, James...master of the go-karts, sharer of the guacomole, John-Wayne-loving, Matt-raising, all-around great guy.

Speaking of supermen, those bunnies have done it again...Superman came out on Friday. If you like this 30 second short, be sure to check out other movies from the Bunny Theater Library {my personal favorite}...

The garage sale was a tremendous sucess...can't wait for the next one. I went to bed by 8PM, but dropped & shattered a full glass of water about 1AM & cleaning that up has made me wide awake...I plan to get up {again} & take my dad out to a late breakfast & an early


Blogger scrapyoga said...

nice post about your dad! off to check out them "shorts"

7:19 PM  
Blogger Angie said...

what a sweet post- hey, email me those pictures! I want to start my book! :-) Call me tomorrow about lunch on Tuesday?

11:31 PM  

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