Saturday, May 10, 2008

Saturday Etsy Picks...

Well, I have the old blog on a sneaky timer since I'm out of town :) Enjoy your Saturday & happy etsy browsing!

Here are some of the fabulous sites on Etsy that I frequent & wanted to share. If you're a regular reader you know how much I love & support this wonderful site for independent sellers. Not only is is an amazing site that's easy to navigate, it's a creative network on a global scale.

ModernJune...slick selections {oilcloth creations}
I'm a big fan of oilcloth. I'm still kicking myself for not buying the coolest oilcloth tote I've ever seen in Amsterdam last fall. Ever since I've been on the hunt for the ultimate oilcloth bag. These aren't the ones I fell in love with, but they're the closet I've found so far. ModernJune has tons of cool oilcloth creations - if you love aprons, this is a good site to check out!

Official Initial...a personalized stamp shop
Lots of owls. Lots of cupcakes. Chandeliers. Martinis. My kinda shop. There are a couple of outstanding personalized stamp shops on etsy, but the whimsical, trendy designs make Official Initial a favorite.I love personalized stamps {probably a byproduct of my mom getting me several as a kid}. I look at these every once & a while and try to pick a favorite, but every time I look I see a new one I like!


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