Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Loving Little Miss Know-It-All...

"Before PonyTail started making Barbie Doll cases they furnished tween and teen-age girls with diaries, jewelry boxes, autograph books, binders and pencil cases. They also made this pocket Webster's dictionary, helpfully titled Miss "Know-It-All". It gives the meaning of 20,000 words, spelling rules, weights and measures, birthstones and flowers, proper gifts for wedding anniversaries, plus a handy copy of the Gettysburg Address (no girl should be without that!)

In fair condition, as pictured. Binding is light blue vinyl with embossed spine. 300 pages of words, text and little pictures to use in your art work. Published in 1959."

I bought this beautiful baby on Etsy for only $4.50 and am as pleased as punch. How great is that??? I don't think I can bring myself to alter it, but I'm looking forward to scanning in a bunch of it & printing off reproduction pages to do things with. I LOVE retro books like this and I was so thrilled with my accidental find that I had to share!


Blogger Creative Angie P said...

I am so jealous of this find! My mom has a "treasure box" by this company with simular picture (the girl) on it...just love this.

1:27 PM  

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