Saturday, May 03, 2008

My Etsy Picks of the Week...

So, as part of my re-commitment to blogging every day, I'm faithfully returning to my Etsy pick Saturdays. I LOVE Etsy & find myself turning to the site more and more. I could go on & on about how the site works & the independent selling philosophy in the modern market, but nobody really cares about that stuff but nerds like me, so I'm gonna zip it & get to the good stuff!

BluLima...because we all need this poster
I recently purchased this print from BluLima. I have it hanging in my office {it's really great!}. It's a reproduction of a vintage poster commissioned by the British Government in August 1939 to be posted in times of "crisis or invasion". There where three posters of similar design created for public confidence and this one was never posted. BluLima screen prints them in a TON of colors on gorgeous deckled edge paper...

Lupin's Shop...having fun with felt
Talk about a shop with a sense of humor! I'm felt-obsessed lately & love looking at all of the amazing and hilarious felted goodies on this site (including moustache disguises & "lucky pants" pins). Also here are some other items well worth looking at: Plush Bird Pins, Plush Owl Pins & the Cupcake Brooch.

Scarlet Beautiful...for the artist in all of us
This little shop is filled with goodness. It has some great art prints (this 6x6 could be added to the front of a chipboard album or other altered art), some framed, some loose. But I didn't pick it for the prints - I picked it for her amazing selection of stickers she's printed! If you're a collage artist or you have a style like mine (I've finally classified my style - graphic- rocker-"grunge") you'll love these. Check out: Indie Band Stickers, Retro Sticker Fun & Through the Viewfinder. She actually has several different Indie Band sets, so click around. She even has altered collages and occasionally jewelery.


Anonymous Kim H. said...

OMGosh----I had to go and order one of those prints from BluLima! I am an anxiety sufferer and a mother of many kids ---- I have to tell you that this poster is right on! I decided this year that no matter what came my way that I was going to deal with it and move on. My purpose this year was not to dwell ----Love that this will serve as a fun reminder! Thanks for the great tip!

11:09 PM  

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