Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Do you MOO???

OK, confession. I'm totally in LOVE with MOO cards & their sticker books. I bought a set of MOO minis for a friend's birthday coming up with a bunch of photos I had taken of her & pictures of some of her favorite things on the front & her name, cell & email on the back. MOO cards are about half the width of a business card & have awesome photo quality. Pair them with a mini card case & these are just about the cutest things around. They come in sets of 100 & you can upload up to 100 separate images to create your "deck".

Jen introduced me to these back in February & I've been dreaming about getting myself a set ever since. So far I've bought two sets as gifts - I am still deciding on how to indulge myself. Aren't these cute???


Blogger ania said...

Hm I have been wanting to try these out for a while but no idea what to do with one??? SO I am still on the fence...but it does look cute!

2:06 PM  

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