Tuesday, January 08, 2008

A good night's sleep & work musings...

The sleep clinic called & I'm going in to get fitted (is it fitted? or flow adjusted? - whatever) for a cpap machine Thursday night - I have a pretty nasty case of apnea. Apparently I have over 600 sleep interruptions a night (no wonder I'm tired!). I'm kind of excited about getting it all taken care of. They said it would be a bit longer before I get a machine, but a good night's sleep is coming! I'm a notorious snorer, so I'm sure my hubby & roomies at trade shows will be thrilled!

I got a small stack of luscious prototype printed today & I'll be starting on booth samples tomorrow. I really love the direction Luxe is going...I know I work there, but given my choice in a scrapbook store I know it would be the stuff I would buy & use over & over. We'll be starting sneak peeks on the Luxe blog January the 21st.

Other than that I have visions of classes dancing around in my head...Discovery Journal (CKU-Japan), Black, White & Read All Over (CKU Chicago), Zero to Hero (my new retailer class - Education Eh?, Sue Gilman's Show & Memories Wholesale Show), Right of Way (ScrapBowl & Camp Croppin'), Transparently Yours (ScrapBowl & Camp Croppin') and Priority Mail (ScrapBowl). Some are finished, some are half finished, one's a concept due next week! I want to put together a new class with Trinket and have a few other class ideas up my sleeve, but I have to finish what I've started first. FOCUS. That's my word where it applies to work right now.


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