Saturday, December 29, 2007

Photos of the girls...

Since I'm not “contagious" (except to poor Matt who I kissed & accidentally gave my cooties to), I still took advantage of seeing Amy & Meg some this week. My uncle & aunt were awesome and delivered the girls to me & picked them up so I could rest more. We were going to do so many things, but mostly we ended up hanging at my house while I languished on the couch, trying not to look too miserable. Amy attacked the DVR & watched the entire season so far of Pushing Daisies & an episode or 2 of the office. We talked and just relaxed mostly. We did make it out for about 2 hours on Thursday & ran to NorthPark where I took pictures of Amy & Meg.

Amy has no pictures of her new look (since joining the army she's shrunk from a 14 to a 4!), and really wanted some before she went back. She liked the photo shoot I did with Meg at the mall this summer, so we were determined to go get some good shots.

I haven't gone through and done the fun things with filters I like, but I wanted to share some of my favorite shots from the day.


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