Friday, December 28, 2007

Etsy Pick of the Week...CHEEP CHEEP

So, I have a new etsy far I've bought 3 rings & 1 pin from her and the stuff is as awesome as it looks!

This is a fun little shop run by a girl who's paying for her school with her cool etsy creations. A lot of her pieces are made from re-purposed, "kitsch-y & tastefully tacky" molded buttons. I fell in love with the black rose and ordered it in a ring and a pin the moment I saw it. She was a quick shipper & the ring is so comfortable I've been wearing it all the time. (They're adjustable rings, so no worries on the fit.) I'm now stalking her shop & waiting for it to come up in the other colors I want. I snagged the red & the turquoise this morning. Now all I'm waiting for is it to come up in white & hot pink.
Over 1400 members have listed her as a favorite seller & she's sold 843 items so far...this crafty girl has it going on - check her out!


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