Saturday, January 05, 2008

An important safety lesson from Matt...

We just got back from a late night trip to the emergency room (same hospital as Rachel - that's how I got the update). Matt bought a new miter saw with some Home Depot gift cards he had compiled from Christmas and used it for the first time today. He had been using it for a few hours, took a break and came back out and the ONE TIME he forgot to put his safety goggles on - pow! A chunk of wood flew right at his eye.

I had run up to Hobby Lobby (it was a bling emergency, I really needed some aurora crystals for a project for Ranger) and when I got home he had done it. It took about an hour to talk him into going to the ER & by the time we were there he was glad that we did.

No splinters (my fear), but he did scratch his cornea in 2 places. He got a tetanus shot & antibiotic eye drops. We got the giggles while we were up there...the nurse was going over his chart and he asked if it said "stupid" on it and she said, "no, but I'm gonna write it in"...


Blogger Margie H said...

OY! Poor Matt...well, I think he will never forget to put those things on! So happy to hear that it wasn't SERIOUS!
Praying for safe 2008 for your family, Emily! LOL!!

8:26 PM  
Blogger CindyML said...

Oh My! Matt sounds like my DH. Whenever he does a home improvement, we factor in a trip to the ER. I usually say no project is complete at our house until we go to the ER. Glad he just had a scratch. (DH had the same eye injury making DD an easel except he was wearing safety glasses and it flew in anyway.) The fence project netted DH 12 stitches in his hand - sliced open by some random sheet metal. Stay safe!

2:10 PM  

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