Sunday, December 23, 2007

A case of the Christmas crud...

Yep, It's Christmas break & I'm sick. I'm usually battling severe Christmas tree allergies this time of year, so I was a little surprised when I went to the doctor yesterday to find instead I had a nasty infection in my throat instead. Apparently I'm not contagious, unless I kiss somebody (& yes, that means Matt's sick too).

Since I'm not contagious, I've been chugging around with family this week regardless. Yesterday Amy, Meg & I went to see Enchanted. And there on the front row were my nieces Amy & Haley, Matt's sister Tracy & my mother-in-law who was in town for the day. Small world. It was a pretty cute movie. I just loved Susan Sarandon in it...I've always loved the evil queens a little more than the ingenues...


Blogger Jeanette said...

So sorry you're sick, yuck. Hope you feel better very soon.
Ooooh, I can't wait to see that movie this weekend. Also totally looking forward to seeing Susan Sarandon in it!

8:36 PM  

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