Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Peering out from behind the projects...

Yep, it's class season over here. Now they're designed I need to hunker down & write a bunch of instructions. Where have I been? What have I been doing other that work???

Thursday night I sang in the Maundy Thursday service (yes, not only have we found a church we like - I joined the choir!). My inlaws came in town Friday & I took the afternoon off for a nice visit. Friday night Matt's sister & family and my friend Martha came over & we cooked enchiladas. Saturday I worked on Scrap to the Beat & did a little fabric coaching with Matt in the evening {fyi - new fabric creations made completely by Matt to be added to his Etsy shop soon!!!}. I also made 60 bacon cups for a choir breakfast at church Sunday. Had to be at church at 7 for rehearsal before the 8am service for Easter - then the choir spread - then we did the second service. I went straight home & slept until 6pm - oooof. Monday day:work - Monday night: Martha Monday. Martha Monday is a new thing we're trying out. I'm usually too busy to even try to drop work and go out and do something with friend Martha is a super busy woman too - but - every Monday there are $2 margaritas at my favorite Mexican restaurant around the corner from my we meet for dinner every Monday I'm in town. Viva la Martha Monday! Tuesday day: work...then I had a Marcia Tuesday. My best friend from high school was in town from Seattle so we went to "our place" for dinner. Then work, work...can't forget choir practice tonight....oooof. This is busier than usual. But I miss my blogging, I will stay current.


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