Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Project Runway **SPOLIER**...

Just when you think you have life figured out...they pick Jeffrey. Of course, I wanted Michael to win based on the entire competition, but I think Uli & Laura slam dunked the walk. I seriously couldn't figure how the judges could pick between them. Like - the only thing of Jeffrey's I liked was the green striped dress at the end {and I did actually LOVE that}. I see the value in it, but to create a whole line of fashion that's that, um, out there...I dunno. But if it's based on innovation, I guess Jeffrey did deserve it. I just think Laura & Uli's clothes were so much more beautiful. OK, season over... back to the real world. Matt's taking me to the airport on his way to work in the morning {4:30 am - ugh} for my 8 am flight to St. Louis. I've packed, but I have that I've forgotten something feeling...I hate that feeling.


Anonymous Lyn M. said...


O.K. .. this show has "Jumped the shark for me!" I'm glad I didn't waste taping it last night! .. I so wanted anybody other than Jeffrey to win ... he's going to have to get another zip code for his ego now!

10:45 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, late last night they showed the last two episodes back to back.
1. Jeffrey didn't have assistance on his collection - NO WAY!!!
2. Jeffery over budget - bye bye, you're out.
3. Jeffery - most of his collection SUCKED.
4. Jeffery should have come in third.
5. Jeffery look in a mirror - you're wearing a leprecon outfit.
I liked every thing that Laura presented BUT, someone should have told her that the dress she wore was SO unflattering - maybe she lost for exhibiting "no clue".

Anon Ymous

10:02 AM  

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