Sunday, August 13, 2006

4400 reasons to watch television...

I love smart entertainment & I really love a sharp, well thought out science fiction story. The 4400 is excellent. I've never missed an episode since its premier three years ago and now this season is drawing to a close {2 more episodes}. The story is unusual & intelligent, the acting & casting is inspired. I highly recommend checking out the first two seasons on DVD and catching up with season 3 in the off season {it runs Sunday nights at 8PM on the USA network}.

Billy Campbell rejoined the cast officially tonight recreating his Jordan Collier character {maybe you remember him from Dynasty?}. I forgot how much I like watching him - how he commands every space & scene that he's in. {Jordan Collier then & now at right} I also liked the introduction of the Ben character, I hope that whole scenario plays out.

Another thing I like is their attention to detail. Their site is phenomenal, video clips, character backstories, cast bios, character blogs, podcasts, mobile phone updates mid week with bonus material not on the show, charatcer diaries, a newsletter that sends story updates even in the off season, a message board, quizzes, hidden clues, the works. They really create a community for their watchers. I like that, I like it a lot.


Anonymous Greg said...

The 4400 is an amazing show. The past 2 episodes have really given out a lot of info about what's actually going on, and what The Future has in mind. I'm loving it.

11:30 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I remember him from Dynasty! Wow, he's grown up (I guess I've aged too, but that's besides the point!)
- Sarah

9:06 AM  

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