Sunday, August 06, 2006

A fun weekend...

This was the last weekend before school started that I could have my cousins over, so we took advantage of it. Amy will be a senior {sniff} this year & Meg a sophmore. While Matt was off playing golf with his buddies, Saturday morning we baked cookies & took them up to the Stamp Asylum for my friend Tim who was in town teaching there. Then we ran by Hancocks to pick up some lime green velveteen and black patent leather strapping to do up some back to school journals we were going to make with the mini calaveras fabric. Then we couched out and watched Sleeper {a classic} while I worked on their journals. Matt had to nap - the heat was extreme to be out all morning. Saturday night we headed over to Tracy & Al's for tacos and just to catch up. It was so nice to visit with Tracy - I've missed her so much. Not only is she Matt's sister, we used to work together and I got so accustomed to seeing her every day. She's a sister-in-law and a friend. She loves her new job, but works night shifts and is still settling into the schedule. I took a picture of her & Matt and another of all the girls - my cousins & nieces together... I need to get back to book making - little Amy needs some for school too!

Today we went to church - Amy & her friend Jake sang a lovely duet. I got goosebumps it was so good. BTW, I found out today that the movie they were extras in {as teenage zombies} has hit the Blockbuster shelves, so go rent After Sundown to check it out...she's the zombie wearing my stylin' 1989 prom dress {see, I knew it could get worn again...}


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sorry we missed the fun... Things , unfortunatly for us, came up. But we got'er dun.

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