Wednesday, August 02, 2006

A day of phone calls...

Today was a day on the phone...OK, I crashed the Diva Craft Lounge radio program today. Ashley was being interviewed and I couldn't help calling in to say hi! Hear the show here.

Everybody happened to call me today...ended up making some weekend plans. My cousins are back from 3 weeks on the road {mission trip, camp & vacation with their parents} and will be coming over for the weekend. We'll head over to Tracy's to hang with her family, catch up with our nieces & check out how big the kittens are getting.

Talked to both my friends Kate & Kandice who have each just bought their first homes {Kandice signs in a week, Kate has been in for a week}. They reminded me how fun it was the first time you get into your own space - the painting, tile choices, etc...I've been drooling over the new IKEA catalog again, can you tell??? Makes me realize we never actually finished our hallway...I had planned to do a mosaic in our phone nook - hmmmmmmmmm, I'd say I'll put that on the top of my "spare time" list, but truth is that list is getting pretty long and I haven't had much spare time at all lately. {I'd probably have a week of my life back if I didn't blog all the time, but that's beside the point!}

What else is in the works??? Um, CKU Masters in Boston is coming up - pretty exciting. I'm pulling together all the stuff to go out to my High Society Atlanta students. I have some fabric that's so cute I'm just plain distracted that I haven't done anything with it yet & I'm itching to do some more layouts for the IPDT!


Blogger Kandice said...

you are so funny. glad we had the chance to have lunch and brainstorm. i loved your ideas. keep me posted on everything... and when the place is settled, you MUST join me for margaritas... or something strong enough that you can't drive home. love you!!!!

12:07 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey did I mention we ran into meg and amy at schlitterbahn? Kind of funny we hopped off a ride and I thought oh that looks like Amy (no black on And then right behind her was Meg, I stopped and said hi, it was all very funny.


4:15 AM  
Blogger Funky Finds said...

hey you changed your blog name!?

10:02 AM  
Blogger Sharilynn said...

Hey Emily!

I enjoyed both of your CKU-A Atlanta classes! You were an excellent instructor and entertaining as well! I thought that you handled the shipping issue with a lot of class! I really liked your comment on the fact that "we get it".

I didn't know anything about your recent surgery. I will pray for your continued healing! God is so good!

I'm looking forward to getting your package so I can complete my High Society project!

A member of "your public",

9:35 PM  

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