Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Sometimes you need to say it with food...

I had a "domestic moment" today and decided to go all out and cook {really cook} for Matt tonight. He works so hard and I just wanted to show him how much I appreciate him. I made glazed honey mustard chicken tenders, garlic smashed potatoes & green beans sauteed with ham & onions. I would've topped it off with a small slice of rum cake {a souvenir from my friend Angie's trip to the Caribbean} topped with pan fried pineapple in a maple syrup reduction - but he fell asleep before I could start dessert. Oh well...

I love cooking...I didn't learn it from my mom {bless her heart, she was an awful cook except for cube steaks, meringue "mushrooms" & her famous angel food cake}, instead I learned kind of out of necessity so we all could eat. I am mostly self-taught and am very lucky to have also learned from my Aunt Carol {a rocking comfort food cook} and my stepmother {a former caterer}.

That's kind of how I started scrapbook. When I was 8 I competed in the Junior Chef of Dallas competition {run by our local paper, The Dallas Morning News}, and part of the entry was to make a scrapbook of your cooking experiences. I found my 1979 cookbook entry {this is why we use acid free adhesives, btw} - it's really stylin' with my cutting edge polaroids & magazine cut outs of food. You can see that I was "loving my handwriting" from an early age. I won the scrapbook division each year I competed {keep in mind that I was only up against my own age group}. I never won first place, but my cookbooks got me the super-cool runner up Junior Chef apron.

Another family tradition was the red plate. I know it's supposed to be saved for birthdays and anniversaries, but ever since I got my own {as a wedding gift} I can't help getting it out whenever I want to say "you're special & I love you". It's funny that something as simple as a red plate can make you smile...

Emily's honey mustard glaze
Spray a skillet lightly with Pam {or other nonstick spray}. Add honey, whole grain mustard and a few dashes of red wine vinegar. Turn heat to low and stir in chopped fresh garlic and coarse ground black pepper. Heat until honey is melted and the consistency is thin. Use to marinate chicken or pork chops or to add zing to ham slices before pan searing.


Blogger Kandice said...

Excellent Emily! I'm proud of you! :) My mom isn't a very good cook either, so I'm pretty much self-taught. I will say that a few Martha Stewart Everyday FOOD magazines and some food network watching goes a long way! Last week my dad said, "oh... when you move out, I guess your mother will have to start cooking again..." then he made a scrunched up face. :) ha! I guess it's true what they say about the way to a man's heart... It seems like by the time I find a man I'll be a world-famous chef.. ha!
Have a great day. And I'm totally stealing your glaze recipe.

2:44 PM  
Blogger ScrappyGuy said...

Yummy! I will be there shortly. Make sure you keep a plate warm for me!

Okay, okay. I won't come over. I have to finish making my BBQ ribs, potato salad and green beans and bacon. sigh.

Where's Emily when you need her to cook?

5:22 PM  
Blogger Kandice said...

BTW, I love your little pic on page 30 of the new CK... you seen it yet? :) It's cute!

4:04 PM  
Anonymous KimberlyBrock said...

You go girl Emily!! Sounds like a wonderful menu :) Can I come over next time? I promise I'll stay awake for dessert.

9:53 PM  

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