Monday, May 22, 2006

Pictures from Provo...

Well, I'm home from Provo & should be doing laundry, but had to get these pictures on my blog! What a great time...I had the most wonderful students and got to see all of my fabulous friends that I haven't seen since I had the stroke. It feels so good to be back teaching again, on the road & last but not least really, totaly healthy...

If you were at CKU or in my pictures, please post...I want to hear from you. Enjoy!

Back row: Michelle (Lil' Davis), "Rox" Roxanne (Scenic Route), Becky (Junkitz), me, Teresa (Junkitz) Front row: Anita (CK), Debby (Anna Griffin), Marjie (Hot off the Press), Annette (Junkitz)

left: with my "sweet friend", Tracy White right: with my Paper Crafts hero, Stacy Croninger

left: with Kristi from Cropper Hopper right Back to Front: Kristi (Cropper Hopper), the Stephanies (Advantus), me, Ashley (Magic Scraps) & Kate

left: with "Tasha", my friend (Natasha, founder of QuicKutz) right: with Tasha & her husband Mark

left: with one of my favorite people - Teresa Collins! right: nobody told me this was the funny face photo...

left: me & Teresa with Elsie Flannigan right: having fun in my Fastener Fabulous class

left: my Tropical Paradise class right: OK - there was an incident in the bathroom across from the Tailgate Party...Patricia (pictured) really cut her finger badly in the restroom stall door lock (ouch)...I put a bandaid on her and whipped out the camera to distract her from the's amazing how a camera can inspire an instant smile from a scrapbooker, no matter - yes, this is a picture from the bathrooms at CKU

left: I HAD A GUY IN MY CLASS!!! THIS IS WARREN! right: Warren's wife wanted me to get a picture of him in my pink flowers and I gave him a hug for being such a good sport...left: with Ashley & Kate right: great TA's - April & Hollyleft: with devoted students Beth & Claudia (this was Claudia's 16th CKU!) right: there were even scrappers on the plane!!!! new friends from across the aisle on my flight home


Blogger Heather said...

You look SO FREAKIN' GOOD! Fantabulously awesome even! WAY to go, Emily! It looks like you had a COMPLETE blast! YAY! You deserve it! SO happy for you!

4:58 PM  
Anonymous Pat Daigle said...

Well, had to come and visit and let you know that I was so totally thrilled to meet you and Ashley in the Dallas airport on our way to CKU Provo. I recognized you the minute that I saw you and believe me, I had butterflies in my stomach when I saw you walking up to us talking. What a joy it was to meet you IRL. You made the long delay in the airport such a joy and you and Ashley are such a trip.
Your make and take ROCKED! It was one of my fav's and I am not sucking up or anything because of your awesome Nursing abilities... Thank you so much for taking such awesome care of me in the bathroom. I don't deal well with injuring myself and normally wind up passing out at the sight of my own blood or when I feel imense pain. You took such great care of me and kept me destracted from it all that I did better than I would have expected and thank heavens I didn't pass out. You are great and my husband is so glad that I had someone there that took such good care of me.
So glad that you had a good weekend and that you had fun teaching. Take care, bug hugs!

5:01 PM  
Anonymous Shelly ~ The Wife said...

Thank you Emily!!!! I love the pictures of Warren. He is out right now but Brandon (our son) and I are having a great time looking at them. He thinks it is great that dad has those flowers on. I loved your class and used the paint adhesive technique in another class! I'm so glad you are feeling better and we had a great time. Warren is planning on going to another CKU!!!! He had an awesome time. Thanks for being my partner in "crime"!

7:04 PM  
Anonymous Karen said...

Hi Emily,
I enjoyed getting to know you this weekend and you made the flight home so fun. I checked my schedule for GASC and I am in your birthday class. Take care. I'll see you in Arlington. Troy fan from Louisiana

11:23 PM  
Anonymous Ali said...

MAN! I can't believe I wasn't there to witness your return! Hoping to see you soon!!!!!!

3:37 PM  
Anonymous Roxanne Bagley said...

Emily it was so great to see you again and getting to play with you!
Glad I was able to pack your boxes up quick and wasn't the bell man cute!?!

Love to see ya' again soon!!

Rox -

6:06 PM  
Blogger Becky said...

I just love ya girl!
You are so fun and your energy is contagious!
It took me a while to track down your blog, but now you have a stalker!
Hope to see you again soon!
Becky Olsen

2:13 PM  
Anonymous Debby said...

Great picture from our dinner! It was great!!! to see you and I'm looking forward to doing something fun in San Jose!

9:56 AM  
Anonymous CKU binder girl Jenny said...

Hello fellow Dallas airport layover girl. I must second Pat's comment on what a blast it was to meet up with you and Ashley at the airport. Chatting with you guys made missing that Provo shopping time much more bearable. So nice to have that as my first "official" CKU memory. If you ever need a binder I would be happy to whip one up for you! HA!

9:17 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Emily It was so fun seeing you at CKU you are a fun and VERY talented girl. hope to have dinner with you again soon.

10:46 AM  
Anonymous Brenda Himes said...

Your Fabulous Fastener class at CKU-Provo was so fun!! I've completed all the pages and just love them. Thanks so much for the extra product...I've been using the extras on my layouts. Take care! Brenda :)

1:05 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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