Sunday, April 30, 2006

More surprises...

Tracy brought Amy & Haley over to wish me a happy birthday. They brought these great balloons & fabulous cards... (left)

man in scrapbook room
I love my card this year...every once in a while Matt gets into my supplies & makes me a card (this time he made it while I was out with the girls the other night). Let's see it has a stamped & shaved ice cover, and also features Clearly Cut-Out candle stickers, stamping, a snap-together slide mount (sporting a picture of him he took of himself with my Polaroid izone), zig pen, a brad and my super jumbo silk flowers (he had to use a red decorative clip to hold it closed - the flower's soooo large). He was particularly pleased with himself, because since my room is in the midst of a reorganization he said he couldn't find any of the stuff he was going to use...
This is better than any store bought card I could ever hope for. Can you believe he has no crafting experience? Honey, I'm proud of your brave attempts - thanks for the awesome card!
One unwelcome stepmom, Sharon, is in the hospital today with swollen something-or-other as a result of postponed. Hope she gets better & "sprung from the joint" soon...


Blogger Margie H said...

Happy birthday, Emily! Hope you had a wonderful day!!

11:52 PM  

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