Saturday, December 13, 2008

Shop Etsy Saturdays: From Cup Cozies to Cupcakes

I believe in Etsy and in the spirit of independent craftsters everywhere. I love to buy handmade and unique items for myself, my home and as gifts. As someone who sells on etsy as well as shops there, I have found hundreds of talented craftsters and amazing creations while I have been online.

I am a cup cozy person. I bought my first {and second} eco friendly, reusable cup cozies a little over a year ago now and I absolutely love them! Or, rather, I did until I lost them recently. I hope someone found them & gave them a new, happy home. Regardless, I've been prowling etsy for their replacement & I found so many cute ones I wanted to share my favorites. Who knows? I might make one myself! {but, I'm betting I'll end up with one of these from etsy...}

The Caffeine Love Tattoo by 60Bugs

Java by PillowHead
Technically, this isn't my favorite...they can do one up for you that says "geek" in black & white - but they're out...

And, just in time for Christmas {but totally unrelated}...

I wanted to share this AWESOME deal I ran across. I'm itching to get one for myself!

can you believe *all that* only $12?

Happy indie shopping & have a great weekend!


Blogger TheresaK said...

Thanks for the link to the layer cake shop!!!! love it!

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