Tuesday, November 18, 2008


So this is what we've been working on at Luxe...we're SO EXCITED!!!

We are running out of room! It's a good feeling to know we have so many exciting surprises in the works for our next round of releases we have to make room in our warehouse!!! So we decided for a limited time only we would open a separate online store - just for retirement items and a doozy of a VIRTUAL WAREHOUSE SALE!!! The price slashing is breathtaking (I'm even shopping the kits and I work here!) - 50% off and lower!

So do not walk, RUN to the new shop and take a look at all of the amazing deals!!! As we work our way through the warehouse, we will be adding, more items, overstock & bulk items - even retired class kits - so check back weekly to see what's been added!

Also, you can still shop at our regular online outlet for our newest releases and core products!


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