Thursday, November 13, 2008

On My Desk Thursdays...

Inspired by one of my favorite sites, On My Desk, I have decided to share a photo of whatever is on my desk {whether it's art in progress or a gigantic mess} every Thursday. This week it's...

...a mess! This has been a crazy week! I've been on "vacation", BUT it hasn't exactly turned out the way I planned. If it had there would be a sewing machine here instead of a shoebox full of labels, a Christmas card I made, a LUSH ad, my camera, naked computer memory in a ziploc baggie & an almost empty roll of tape. Oh well...on upside I've been cooking a lot of new things this week!

So, what's on your desk? Post a link & let me know if you're playing along - I'd love to look at your desk too! Or just hop on and say hi. I know you're reading. :)


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