Sunday, October 12, 2008

"Sense"-ational Sundays...

Our senses tell a story. I've committed to recording my 5 senses for the past week - every week - as an exercise to explore my sensory world. I challenge you to do the same. If you choose to do so, just blog your 5 senses every Sunday & let me know - I'd love to read along!

I SEE: Ugly Betty & other shows in my DVR

I did some late night catching up on my shows this week. {I wasn't sleeping real well} I LOVE Ugly Betty - it's a smart, funny, melodramatic show with great actors. Speaking of shows (the Office)...I'm so into watching Michael & Holly I don't even miss Pam. Is that wrong?

I HEAR: Pandora
I go through phases...and I'm totally back into listening to Pandora at work. I love it since you can type in a song or musician & they pull artists with similar sounds. I've found a lot of great music through Pandora! Here are the "stations" I listened to the most this week: Cyndi Lauper, Sarah McLachlan, Ben Folds, St. Louis Blues, Regina Spektor, The Moldy Peaches & The Apples in Stereo.

I TASTE: Pork Tenderloin
I made one of the best pork tenderloins I ever have this week & it was totally a fluke! I rubbed it down with roasted garlic & patted in salt, pepper & rosemary. Then I just baked it on 350 for about an hour. It turned out so moist & yummy my family thought I was a rock star...

It's a vicious cycle. I'm cooking so much more these days....but I feel like it's double the cooking, four times the dishes.

I SMELL: Flowers

My family is all home from the hospital now & my dad ended up staying with us for a bit while he's on the mend. So his flowers {from his fab veterinarian} are on our dining room table. So cheery.


OpenID gabyalcantara said...

I'm glad your dad finally is out of the hospital! :)

Take care!

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