Thursday, April 10, 2008

That explains things...

Ever since my fall my head's hurt. Not, oh I have a headache, but a knot on my temple where it bashed into a bathroom fixture. Well, the swelling has finally gone down and now there's a strange and foreign looking lump. I had my pt look at it today and she solved the's scar tissue.

I had a cat scan when it happened and it came up clear, but she said that's pretty common when there's swelling pushing everything together. She said it looks like I probably got a little crack on my skull - that's why the scar tissue is "bubbling". She told me when I go in for my follow up in 2 weeks to get it x-rayed or rescanned.

That explains why it still hurts. I was worried I was being a weakling. Turns out I'm just hard headed.


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