Sunday, March 30, 2008

"Sense"-ational Sundays

Our senses tell a story. I've committed to recording my 5 senses once a week to explore my sensory world. I challenge you to do the same. If you choose to do so, just blog your 5 senses every Sunday & let me know, I'd love to read them.


Simply far as the eye can see & it's a beautiful sight! This hot new sub brand from Luxe includes 6 basic designs (lined, dot, stitched pinstripe, ledger, grid & calico), a color jotter, a sheet of alpha stickers, label stickers & epoxies in Luxe's 6 core colors (black, engine red, tiffany blue, island green, cobalt blue & hot pink).

The Apples in Stereo. Such happy sounds.

Warning: do not read this if you're on a diet. There's this new place that just opened by our office & Meg wanted a sweet treat yesterday because we're up at the office this weekend working hard. So I ordered their "small dessert pizza" and OH. MY. LORD. What we got was a calzone filled with nutella, crushed hazelnuts and dark chocolate.They brushed it with evoo, sprinkled it with sugar and put it in their wood burning pizza oven so the crust got a sugar crisp layer like cream you see where this is going? This could have been the best thing I've EVER eaten.

It's been one handed, but I've been cleaning my office. I've really let it slide over the last couple of months and it feels so good to be back in control of my space.

I got this little shelf at Office Depot yesterday (so cheap!) & Meg assembled it for me. I finally have a spot to store/sort samples. Much better than the box village they were in before.

Whenever it's clean like this, I look at the blank spots on my wall and daydream about what I want to put there. I ordered this small print yesterday to hang with my layouts on my curtain rod. What I really wanted to get was this print, but I can't justify spending that much (I'm thinking ahead to custom framing costs), when I already have another poster at home that needs a custom frame which is destined for work as well.

Vanilla cupcake candle - that means I've been spending a lot of time at my desk at work because that's where it is...


Blogger kim brimhall said...

cool blog! found you via SIS...i just moved to Texas and noticed you are in TX too. Love the designs!!

6:37 PM  
Blogger cstoler said...

So glad to see you are feeling much better and getting around. Can't wait to hear where you are going to be teaching in Dallas area......

2:50 PM  

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