Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Litle things...

I'm focusing on small blessings...
  • The house smells good. I made Tequila Lime Turkey Soup in the crock pot early this morning & it's getting close to readiness. I'm glad it smells good because I kind of concocted it from what was around the house this morning.
  • I'm about to have creative time. And it's been so long it's like I crave it.
  • I overhauled the Luxe MySpace page last night. I've never done a custom layout before & taught myself. Feeling pretty pleased. Next comes the fun stuff - I've asked all the Luxe girls for a list of their top songs & will be updating the player on there to create "Luxe Radio".
  • My cousin-cousin {"Little Matt"} is becoming an eagle scout this Saturday.
  • It's gray and rain is pelting against my window, but the warm yellow of my studio wraps around me like a blanket of warm sunshine.
These are the little things that are making me smile.


Blogger tryin2survive said...

Congrats to Little Matt... my son just got his Eagle and I couldn't be more proud! Non-scouters have no idea how much work they have to put into it, and what they get out of it!

8:40 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Another Eagle Scout son's court of honor is in a couple of weeks. Each family member and extended family member are making him a neckerchief slide. I bet crafty cousin Emily could make something cool for little Matt.
Alpharetta, GA

3:09 PM  

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