Sunday, March 02, 2008

What to do when you're in Tokyo...

Here's what you do when you're in Tokyo - go get an eye exam! The hotel is attached to a mall & when Donna went to look for frames she came back with the most adorable completed glasses...She told the other instructors and we all headed for the mall.

I just had my vision test for contacts a month ago & my prescription changed drastically in one eye, but my insurance told me I wasn't eligible for new glasses for 14 months...With my blind eyes my last glasses (which I don't even like that much) cost about $600.

The vision test was cool. My interpreter & Donna went with me. I was worried I would have to be able to read Japanese to read their eye chart, but I guess they have a lot of international business, so they had an international test with shapes (so cool - I really prefer their exams). Since I was just tested, I knew my current prescription and they got it spot on. They had more cool frames in one place that I've ever seen. Donna & Aya helped me pick these out. I adore the red!


Eye exam...FREE
Frames...5,200 yen (just under $50 American)
Fancy Lens Upgrade (extra UV, ultra thin, no scratch)....around 6,000 yen
Fancy glasses case & lens cleaning cloth...FREE
Total price for hot new glasses...just over $100!
Time to complete glasses...30 MINUTES!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is the best money I've ever spent on a trip & I love my new specs!


Anonymous jen said...

i love them- they are wondermous. I am glad you are having much of the fun. take care.
with love,

7:06 PM  
Blogger dawn said...

Those glasses are AWESOME!! I can't believe how cheap!!! :-)

8:02 PM  
Anonymous jane hasty said...

Awesome EM! You look so HOT! Miss you, Jane

8:02 AM  
Anonymous shimelle said...

omg they are FABULOUS.
me. japan. now.
i mean, enjoy the rest of your trip!!!! :) :) :)
(and because it is funny, the word verification picture? it's erkel. which i think is funny. especially if you say it like nineteen million times. then it's really funny. i promise.)

2:26 PM  
Blogger Mary said...

those are totally cool - and hooray that they were a bargain and so fast!

5:32 PM  
Blogger lynner4 said...

way cool glasses.

next time you don't need to go to Japan for cheap, I mean less expensive glasses.
I use Xenni Optical on the web. I got the flexible frames, seamless bifocals for $57 and got a pair of prescription sunglasses for $8, yes $8!!!!

5:58 PM  
Anonymous ikuko said...

Emily, I really love your pick. It looks really good on you. I wish we had more time to hang out together, I had a bunch of questions to ask but ended up never asking. You should come back real soon!

I am sorry that you got sick after you came home. Hope you're feeling a lot better now.


1:52 PM  

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