Thursday, February 28, 2008

Day One in Tokyo, part 1...

There's an intense blue light that bathes everything and makes it a glowing pale blue...I tried to do it justice in the photos - red really stands out in this light. It's kind of magical.

I started this morning tackling the Tokyo subway system...

There were, um, complications...I had to turn around a few times and had some issues with overpaying & underpaying for tickets...but I figured if they can do it, I can do it.

So here's the train & a shot from inside it:

I got off at the Harajuku district. I loved it! Seriously - I could have spent the whole day there (not to mention all my money!) I got some cool gifties for Amy & Meg (some above the knee "original" Lolita socks, some fun leg slouches & harajuku district t-shirts) and some more 3-d flower rings for me - apparently they're the rage here. I ended up lunching at McDonalds (hey, it's the hot spot there). Here are some photos from my harajuku adventure:

I always take pictures of grills/grates in cities - they all have such distinct markings, I think this is the prettiest one I've seen yet.

After that I got back on the subway & even changed lines *drama* and ended up in Roppongi Hills. Which, I guess I will need to blog about later I need to freshen up & meet for a rehearsal with my translator for my CKU-Japan class & then we're all out to dinner with the CKU & Sun-K folks.


Blogger Angie said...

Hey- it looks so cool over there- wish I could've stowed away in your suitcase! I wish I could talk to you right now....... :-)

10:11 PM  

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