Monday, February 25, 2008


Not many contemporary novels have me laughing out loud & talking to the characters ("don't you dare - he's a scoundrel" - you can imagine the odd glance I got from Matt). But AustenLand, was just wonderful. I got it from audible for the flight to Japan, but started listening while doing laundry, then listened after Matt went to sleep, listened on my way to work, on my errands after work...and, well I finished it already. It was wonderful. If you're an Austen lover I highly recommend it.

I've also recently heard (thank you audible) The Jane Austen Book Club and have been reading (on actual paper) Lost in Austen - which makes me feel all of 13, but so what? To replace my AustenLand, I just downloaded Confessions of a Jane Austen Addict...and also another audio book (non-Austen related - shocking) called Breathing Room which had very high marks. (and yes, I'm still reading Eat, Pray, Love in my spare time - lol) What's inspired this Austen-palooza??? Well, Colin Firth in a wet shirt. Um, sorry, lost my train of thought there. Meant to say the complete Austen series on PBS. I also have Pride & Prejudice on my Mp3 player right now can never get enough Darcy in your life...


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